The Rosary: The Devil’s Defeat

Thousands remember 1949 Statue (St. Anne) wept when she kissed it: CNY woman remembered for 'miracle' that drew thousands

Pat Robertson: Multiple Sclerosis Is ‘Demonic’ And Can Be Healed Once Rebuked ???

Dreams come true! Teacher helps buy new bikes for every kid in school

ISIS cubs on killing rampage

Francis, Islamic Terrorism, Confusion

4 Prayers to help you fall asleep in perfect peace

Kidnapped Mexican priest safe; indigenous priest murdered

Saints of the Old Testament: St. Amos, prophet

12 Years After They Starved My Sister to Death, We Must Never Forget Terri Schiavo

Church crash update: “For reasons unknown the truck veered into the southbound lane" before impact, The crash unfolded along a curve in the road where the speed limit is 65 mph.  (No link)

This research should be sponsored by Popeyes

Now that's fat-burning! Desperate Chinese women seek bizarre weight-losing therapy

The Trump administration canceled plans to probe Americans for their sexual orientation in the 2020 Census

Meet the nun beheaded by Nazis for hanging crucifixes

Big Sister Blew Kisses On Brain-Dead Baby And Gets a Miracle

Swedish man prosecuted for eating bacon too closely to Muslims

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“The most dramatic part for me of heaven itself was the sense of being inside pure joy,” he recalled, explaining Heaven. “There’s nothing that I could tell you today that would give you an inking of what it’s like to be in that place.”

Francisco Marto: The Silent Sufferings at Fatima

Marthe Robin: Her only sustenance for more than 50 years was the Holy Eucharist

Stunner! U.N. plan to 'mark' world population

Pope To Canonize Jacinta and Francisco.
But What about Sister Lucia?

The Roman Emperor Who Tried to Rebuild the Jewish Temple To Confound Christ's Prophecy of Its Destruction

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Sony's best world photos winners for 2016

California SB 219 Would Criminalize Pronoun Usage in Nursing Homes–NOT A JOKE

Mexican bishop meets with gang leaders to protect threatened priests

Last three popes share close bond to Fatima 

Senate kills family-planning rule; Pence breaks tie this includes Obama order forcing states to fund PP

Violent crime falls in 2 districts run by Catholic educated Johnson brothers police commanders

Even the LA Times Thinks the Charges Against Pro-Life Advocate David Daleiden are Ridiculous

Depression rates are low among those who help others

Lesbian with ‘wife’ and two kids selected to lead U.S. Air Force Academy ?

Lesbian couple, both pregnant with boys, plans to raise ‘feminist men’

Christians Urged to Pull Children From Public Schools In Explosive Message From Evangelical Leader

Evelyn Farkas should be subpoenaed after ‘leaking’ admission

European Union President issues a jaw-dropping threat to the United States

Greed and genius -- not Obama plan -- led to coal's decline

Epic sea turtle rescue saving its life    Thx TO

Angel of Death' serial killer nurse' aide, Donald Harvey, who killed 55, dies after prison attack

"Coincidences" that changed history

North Korea could be in final stages of nuclear test preparations

Just-War Teaching and the Emerging North Korean Crisis

North Korea furious over over ‘crazy fat kid’ crack