“The most dramatic part for me of heaven itself was the sense of being inside pure joy,” he recalled, explaining Heaven. “There’s nothing that I could tell you today that would give you an inking of what it’s like to be in that place.”

13 out of 14 dead, 3 injured when church bus and pickup truck collide in southwest Texas  (Udated)

Bull shark washed up on land after Australian cyclone

This research should be sponsored by Popeye

Rare tropical storm developing in the Atlantic, not seen since 1850s Expected to head North and stay out to sea

Window cleaner stole 500,000 of paintings from home of late artist Alan Davie, court hears

Burning Man sold out- 30K tickets, 35 minutes

Now that's fat-burning! Desperate Chinese women seek bizarre weight-losing therapy

The Trump administration canceled plans to probe Americans for their sexual orientation in the 2020 Census

Meet the nun beheaded by Nazis for hanging crucifixes

Big Sister Blew Kisses On Brain-Dead Baby And Gets a Miracle

Swedish man prosecuted for eating bacon too closely to Muslims

Top germy things in supermarkets   Most risky --those constant mists over vegetables. Ever noticed how quickly a cucumber rots? I spray mine with multisurface kitchen cleaner, let stand one minute or longer, rinse and dry.   Lasts 3 weeks.  Those grocery mists are loaded with germs..

Vegan mothers are more likely to have children who perform worse at school

Marathons are bad for your health, scientists warn runners 

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Stunner! U.N. plan to 'mark' world population

Pope To Canonize Jacinta and Francisco.
But What about Sister Lucia?

Witches to cast spell on Trump … again!
New crescent moon calls for ritual with photo, tarot card, candle, feather, ashtray

Behold, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, Hidden Gem of the Midwest

The Roman Emperor Who Tried to Rebuild the Jewish Temple To Confound Christ's Prophecy of Its Destruction

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Epic sea turtle rescue saving its life    Thx TO

The attorney general of Mexico's Pacific coast state of Nayarit,  arrested in San Diego on U.S. narcotics trafficking

California may ban chaplains from meeting with death row prisoners nearer than three hours before their scheduled execution

Francis, Islamic Terrorism, Confusion

Lesbian couple, both pregnant with boys, plans to raise ‘feminist men’

North Korea could be in final stages of nuclear test preparations: repor

Just-War Teaching and the Emerging North Korean Crisis

Hours After Being Charged with 15 Felonies, David Daleiden Releases Yet Another Undercover Planned Parenthood Video

Thomas More Society Continues to Defend David Daleiden, Expect Abrupt Dropping of Charges

California LGBTQ bill could force grandma to share a room with a gender-confused man in care center

American Airlines co-pilot dies after medical issue during landing

Vatican official honors Mother Angelica with Mass at St. Peter's

Evelyn Farkas (Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense) admits  the Obama administration spied on candidate and president-elect Donald Trump’s transition team to gather “intelligence” for political use. Link

Pastor Offers Eyebrow-Raising Explanation For Alleged Child Porn On His Computer