Jesus' Last week:  Battle of Wits and Words Heats Up in Jerusalem

Do you believe in miracles?

When David slew Goliath (yes!), that was a miracle.

When God gave us manna in the wilderness, that was a miracle, too.

But of all God’s miracles large and small,

The most miraculous one of all

Is the one I thought could never be:

God has given Him to me.

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10 most tax-friendly states in the U.S.

Now Dems demand background checks on ammo sales

No mass shootings in Switzerland despite most citizens  armed

Kim Jong Un made a surprise visit to Beijing on his first known trip outside North Korea since taking power in 2011

A recently ordained Roman Catholic priest accused of groping a 13-year-old girl under her skirt last summer has been indicted on criminal sexual contact and child endangerment

Andrew McCabe admits he misled investigators: ‘I was confused and distracted’

Turkey’s Erdogan calls for ‘ARMY of Islam’ to ATTACK Israel on all sides.  Open your mouth for the hook prepared for your jaws, you stupid, foolish man,  Erdogan.

Major earthquake 7 mag, Papua New Guinea  EQ/ slides killed dozens last month.

Study says voodoo dolls can reduce workplace stress ??

Pope inciting youth to riot?  "People are trying to anesthetize you, silence you, manipulate you, ignore your questions, sedate you, keep you out, and make your dreams flat dreary, petty and plaintive".   Pouring accelerant on a red hot issues the U.S. people are struggling with. This is NOT right or good.

What wood was Christ’s cross made from?

What is the legend of the dogwood tree? Was the cross Jesus was crucified on made of dogwood?

Another legend, courtesy of J.C.: Wood came from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden.  After Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden, the Tree kept spreading its root systems until a thick forest  grew from the original tree. When Noah needed wood to build the ark, God directed him to this wood.  The resulting wood was easliy worked.  As Noah nailed the planks into a boat, the planks grew roots and branches, linking with the other planks and becoming a solid mass.

After the Ark settled, it put down roots where it landed and again, a large forest grew and developed.  When a survey team from Rome arrived, the men were amazed at the trees, which they had never seen before,  The decided to cut down a sample to take with them back to Rome.  They also took some of the nails they founr in the dirt with the wood. 

When the survey team arrived in Jerusalem, they stored their samples in a room at Pilate's house.  The wood and nails were later appropriated by Roman soldiers to use in an unexpected and important execution of a carpenter.

So the wood that was our downfall became our salvation.

Feast of the Thief who “stole heaven”: St. Dismas

driving out the money changers 

Past Headlines

Jesus of Nazareth teaches in Temple Square and whips money changers so hard they flee

All suffering is tied to the reality of sin – just like Christ’s suffering

During college professor’s near-death experience, he saw portals leading to heaven and hell

Two Supernatural Experiences Associated With Padre Pio's Relics

A miraculous cure in St. Louis is remembered at the Shrine of St. Joseph

The Horror Of The Passion

 Today's atheists are bullies -- and they are doing their best to intimidate the rest of us into silence

Some religions are superior to others, and Christianity is the best. And of the Christians, Catholicism is the best

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The Second Joyful Mystery: The Visitation... for purification of the Church  Focusing on the Catholic understanding of charity also seen in the mission of John the Baptist.

New class of synthesized natural antibiotic kills superbugs, lessens severity of infection. Considered a game changer  Just like penicillin comes out of UK.  Probably and should  be restricted to the worse cases in the U.S.  We all know what happened to penicillin.

A new study finds that teens who are hooked on their phones and other digital devices are “markedly” unhappier than their less-plugged-in peers.

Canadian Doctors Group Says Patients Who Don’t Qualify for Assisted Suicide Should Starve Themselves to Death

Pills filled with powdered human baby flesh found by customs officials

Paris- 85-year-old woman French-Jewish Holocaust survivor raped, stabbed, burned by Muslim neighbor had pleaded for help from police who did nothing

Los Vegas police arrest 5 illegal aliens responsible for 10 murders  (M-13 gang)

Twice deported man returns to rape girl...we need that wall!  (no link)

China: more violence and abuse against the Catholic Church

Cat Lost During Katrina Reunited With Owner 14 Years Later

Linda Brown of school-segregation case dies at 76  (Brown v. Board of Education)

The Letter that shook the Catholic world
The Vatican Press Office had a specific purpose to portray the traditional Benedict  as an intellectual, giving his imprimatur to the liberal Francis, thereby embarrassing the growing number of Francis critics. Careful review by Italian journalist, Sandro Magister,  discovered that suppressed content of the letter was deleted from the original. When completely reassembled, the letter was  a scolding from Benedict about the publication of 11 books on the theology of Francis Benedict was asked to review.

The Letter Veritatis Splendor and Amoris Laetitia : Benedict's scolding

Americans just keep getting fatter

Pope accepts resignation of Irish bishop who delayed reporting abuse

‘Teaching Whites a Lesson’: Every Five Days a White Farmer Is Killed in South Africa by Blacks

How some rural hospitals were used to score huge paydays then bacnkrupted

Central African Republic- priest dies of injuries after assault on parish

Deadly cheap thrills:  Designers of Water Slide That Decapitated Christian Boy Were Unqualified for Job.  Family got $20M settlement.

Standing Tall with a Heaven-Sent Spouse