Three Characteristics of the Diabolical, And How they Are Manifest in the Modern World

Pastor stabbed and killed by parishioner in pastor's home while hosting prayer request for the stabber

The next passing comet Elenin (in September) consistent with prophecies regarding the Three Days of Darkness?  Unlikely  in our opinion.

Rabbi who died in 1217 prophesized the history of Israel for next 8 centuries (major event years ended in '17') until 2017 at which time the Messianic Era would commence 

With Relativism, There Is No Right or Wrong

Don’t f*** with us!’ Philippine President RAGES at European Union in FURIOUS tirade

Manners reflect the health of our society. Wide spread poor manners is a huge mark of a declining society

Democrat Slams Neil Gorsuch: “He Believes the Intentional Taking of Human Life is Always Wrong”

Obamacare Architect Now Advising Trump on Replacing It

Muslim gang attacks Danish couple for eating ham on pizza

Muslim migrant teen rapes and strangles 90-year-old woman as she left church in Dusseldorf

This Disney homosexual director of the new Beauty and Beast movie rips Leviticus 22:18 out of the Bible whenever he gets to his hotel room

Disney movie unwelcome in some countries

'Beauty and the Beast' roars to a record-setting opening weekend

Archbishop's new mural  Homoerotic?

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Fatima Vision Reminds Us of St. Joseph’s Patronage

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Benedict handler, Abp. Ganswein: Everything's fine with Benedict. He prays, reads things, walks, visits, watches the news, says Mass for the maids

Teen jumps into croc-infested river on dare, lives to regret it  (Salt water crocodiles are the worst of the worst)

Poland seeks arrest of accused ex-Nazi, 98, living in Minn 

US forbids any device larger than cellphone on airlines from 13 countries

‘Psychic’ pleads guilty to threatening clients unless they paid her

Declassified videos show amazing nuclear tests

Promoting Illegal immigration is another example of the rampant spirit of lawlessness spreading in the U.S. government (and Catholic Church)

15 Off-registry wedding gifts every couple will love

A Spiritual Director on Inspiring 'Sunset Moments' of the Dying

A Sign from Above During Adoration

'Warrior Angel' Protects Pastor from Sword of Muslim Extremist Shouting 'Allahu Akbar'  

A even more AMAZING aftermath after the above thx PC