Now Is The Time To Turn To the Powerful St. Joseph

Deadly Rains, Flooding and Mudslides Leave 72 Dead in Peru

Millions of Shellfish Wash Ashore in New Zealand

Pastor stabbed and killed by parishioner in pastor's home while hosting prayer request for the stabber

Rare Disease Caused By Strep Infections Leads To Curable Mental Illness In Children

Impeachment attempt against President Duterte

'Storm Stella' Warning to US Over U.S. Envoy's Meeting With Abbas ??  

Moves to force Israel to accept concessions in negotiations with the Palestinians have been accompanied by natural disaster at least fourteen times in the past, including the destruction of President George Bush’s home by a hurricane after he asked Israel to relinquish land to the Palestinians in 1991 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which came two weeks after the destruction of Jewish communities in Gaza.

UN Entity Calls Israel “Apartheid State”, Lobbies for Bringing Israel “to an End”

Harvard-educated lawyer gets 40 years for bizarre kidnapping

What it's really like to feed your family from a food pantry

Mafia boss cannot be godfather, Sicilian archbishop says

Dine-and-dash dater strikes again in Los Angeles

Kids break into Czech zoo, kick and stone flamingo to death

Graphene layer lets solar panels generate energy from raindrops

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Hundreds of tips pour in as cops hunt former teacher accused of kidnapping 15-year-old student

Tillerson urges China-US cooperation on N. Korea

Teen punched croc in nose to escape in late night swim 

What are some of the hundreds of other biblical prophecies that have been fulfilled historically

95 Percent of Faith-Driven Consumers Unlikely to See Beauty and the Beast Remake Due to Gay Character

Disney movie unwelcome in some countries

Feminists Act out Abortion on Woman Dressed as Virgin Mary

Bishop stops publication of  messages at Argentine apparition site. Messages will remain private, website and apparition site still available (open).

Canon lawyers, theologians, and scholars will be meeting in Paris in two weeks to discuss a topic that has never been the focus of a Catholic conference before: How to depose a heretical pope  (Link)

450 acid attacks against women since 2011 — in London

Sixth woman in Berlin attacked by cyclist with acid

6 out of 10 People in France ‘Don’t Feel Safe Anywhere’

Turkish daily depicts Merkel as 'Frau Hitler' on front page

Have 5 kids not 3, Erdogan tells Turks in Europe

Turkey Threatening to Send Europe ‘15,000 Refugees a Month’…

Baby receives miracle after congregations prays for her

The sixth-century saint who opposed mass immigration

Teen boy finds 7.44-carat 'Superman's Diamond' at an Arkansas state park

India- Kidnapped Salesian Priest Still Missing After One Year

The storms of heaven in Africa: Miraculous interventions saving a Christian Church from Muslims  Thx PC

A very touching story