A Little Known But True Amazing Miracle Which Took Place on St. Patrick's Day

Meet the monks who spend their lives praying for Ireland's priests

Obama visited Hawaii 48 hours before his appointed Federal judge blocked travel ban.

Hatred Off the Charts

Reputed Satanist Katy Perry wins court battle with nuns over their convent

IRS To Give “After School Satan Club” Tax-Exempt Status

Number of Swedish Children Wanting to Change Gender Doubling Each Year

Mother of 5 Comes Out as a Man, Her Only Son Becomes a Girl and Husband Says It's OK

Senators Demand State Department Probe Into Soros Organizations

Meet the hermit who ate nothing but the Eucharist and became the father of modern Switzerland

Michigan priest Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Another Priest Sent To Trial

Update:  4 cardinal correction of Francis seems to be "on track" according to Vatican watcher Edward Pentin (No link)

Man's hands, feet to be amputated after strep throat 

A doctor's life in an ISIS-run hospital- 'We were dealing with psychopaths who wanted to take us back to the Stone Age'

Frightening Solar Flare Warning Discovered in Bible Prophecy

Officials say pirates hijack freighter in latest test for Trump

Stalin’s Hubris Draws Warlord’s Curse?

Soviet communist dictator Joseph Stalin wanted to see the face of the 14th century Turko-Mongol warlord Tamerlane (also known as Timur) entombed in Samarkand. Legend held that “the War God’s sleep must not be disturbed,” as recounted in Edvard Radzinsky’s biography of Stalin. If Tamerlane’s corpse were disturbed, went the legend, Tamerlane would return on the third day, bringing war.

Stalin scoffed at the legend and on June 19, 1941, he opened the coffin. On June 21, Stalin found out Germany was set to invade the Soviet Union at dawn the next day.

A Mysterious Bond Between Families

About six years ago, my family traveled to San Diego. While we were there, we befriended a family made up of two little people and their teenage son, who was average-sized. We spent a few hours with them and parted ways.

Four years ago, my family traveled on an Alaskan cruise line. We had dinner on day three, and who’s sitting at the table next to us?
The family of little people [and their] teenage son.

We all laugh about it and spend the last two days of the cruise hanging out …

Last year, my family traveled to Australia. We were having a jolly time looking at all the things that could kill us. One day, we decide to go scuba-diving at the Great Barrier Reef. Who do you think was in our instruction group? The … family of little people [and their] teenage son.  

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