Spiritual spinach, but you need to listen

King Solomon prayed 7 prayers anticipating 7 judgments on Israel — the reality hits close to home in America

Common objects that open homes up to demonic attachments

'Bomb cyclone'- What to know about this kind of monster storm

More than 1,000 drivers stranded in Colorado Springs area, Gov. Polis declares state of emergency as bomb cyclone paralyzes Front Range

Man finds suspected burglar dead in home, trapped under 900-pound safe

How the Rosary Drove Communism Out of Brazil

New Zealand shooting: 49 dead, Australian man charged over mosque shootings

Conservatives, lesbians urge Congress to scrap 'gender identity' from Equality Act

Daughter of Chick-fil-A founder shares father’s most valuable life lesson, secret to success

Pennsylvania woman is shocked to discover she has two long-lost siblings thanks to a home DNA kit... 75 years after a hospital mix-up meant she went home with the wrong parents

Killer French farm chickens gang-up to kill fox that sneaked into henhouse

Cardinal Cupich abruptly closes seminary (20 seminarians) for "low enrollment"..Receives a scathing letter from seminary board of directors

The Institute for the Incarnate Word (IVE) was founded by known homosexual predator and frequented by McCarrick. It was McCarrick's deep involvement with the IVE that began his long and good friendship with Jorge Bergoglio

Wuerl Allowed Homosexual Predator to Live With Seminarians

Has the Catholic Church committed the worst crime in American history?

Webmaster comment: The 'Whore of Babylon'? She is a woman clothed in scarlet and purple (colors of bishops and cardinals). She comes from a city with seven hills (Rome) but  the biggest shocker is that her "fornications" are not mere betrayals or vague metaphors for sins but pervasive and massive real rapes of children who end up with ruined live. See Rev 17: 1-18. Another shocker, she hides in plain sight thus able to continue  reeking maximum damage. No wonder Jesus promised that the Gates of Hell would not prevail. Until then, Lord Jesus, come quickly.

The nature and length of sufferings in Purgatory: A robust review


Incredible drone footage shows a perfectly intact house surrounded by total devastation following the deadly Alabama tornadoes that killed 23 people. Coincidence?

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Incredible historical "coincidences" and sometimes curses which we may have invited

Atheist doctor in 1981 was asked to expose the Medjugorje visionaries as fraudsters. After conversations in which she asked and was permitted to touch the invisible Virgin she said, "I believe what we experienced in Medjugorje is the most important event in the history of mankind since Christ walked the Earth!"

Esther: The Hidden Hand of God

Sobering lessons with examples: Deciding not to be confined by your problems

Catholics protest bishop’s removal of priest who complained about another priest’s sex harassment

In Medjugorje, where Our Lady is welcomed with respectful silence everyday at 6.40pm, instances of possession and deliverance are common

What Happened When Atheists Attended a Talk on Exorcism

The Twenty Four Hours of the Passion

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Francis poses with group that promotes homosexual fornication and same-sex "marriage"  Why it is highly questionable and objectionable THX PM

Did Vigano Reveal that Francis's Personal Secretary is Gay who helps Pope Appoint Immoral Bishops?

Mexican Illegal immigrant and gang member with long criminal history 'stabbed and beat a mother to death' in San Jose as police slam sanctuary cities that protected him from ICE

Arkansas reinstates Hilary Clinton's law license. Hilary might be looking at the Attorney general Post after 2020 

Belgian Cdl. Godfried Danneels, 85 passes. Summary article says  Jorge Bergoglio had had his sight on the papacy for many years in which Danneels had no small part!

Woolly mammoth cells brought back to life in shocking scientific achievement

Belgium Euthanizes Over 1,000 Patients Every Year Without Their Consent

Pope Francis Hammered by Indian Nuns for Ignoring Predator Priest Cover-up

Children dropped over border barrier to distract agents from illegal crossers

7,000 say they support Kansas archdiocese banning kindergarten child of gay parents

4 companies produce 6 million tons of plastic yearly

6 Old Wives' Tales That Are Actually True

The Impressive Benefits of Cumin: More Than Just a Curry Ingredient

Parents say radiation from a cell phone tower on a California elementary school campus has given four students cancer in less than three years 

250 scientists sign petition warning against cancer from wireless tech including the trendy in-ear headphones

Poland's Catholic Church says 382 priests abused minors

Mother of Catholic church abuse victim in Kansas laments ‘third-degree burns to the soul’  5 victims of this priest committed suicide

Rabbi: This Passover is “Very Special”