Applying the Sign of Jonah to the 21st Century

Demonic Activity in United States on the Rise  Maybe world-wide (link below)

Priest Couldn’t Get Rid of Evil Spirit. So Brazil’s President Moved Out of His Palace

Satanist Students at Clemson University Hold 'Bible Torching' Ceremony

US Delta Force, SEAL Team 6 Prepare To Take Out Kim Jong-Un, Practice Tactical North Korea "Infiltration"

Purim celebrates the victory  Jews over the wicked Haman and his army who plotted to kill the Jews on a day chosen by lots (purim). The story unfolds in Persia, - modern day Iran.

A miracle occurred and  Haman was put to death on the gallows which he planned for the Jews (in a forerunner of the Holocaust?).

Haman was a virulent anti-Semite,  a descendent of the perpetual Jew hating nation of Amalek. Haman is called the “Agagite” in the book of Esther, another name for the Amalekites.

The word “Agagite” comes from the ancient Persian (Iranian) “Agag,” meaning “to burn, blaze or set fire with violence”. Echoes of a coming Holocaust a nuclear war with Iran? The origin of the word “Holocaust”  means “sacrifice by fire.”

God commanded the children of Israel  to destroy the Amalekites totally and completely. This they failed to do under King Saul. 

Afterward, Saul lost the throne forever for disobedience.  Haman and his descendants survived and today represent the Nazi’s, Islam, Iran, the Palestinians, and all enemies of God’s plans for Israel.

The word “Amalekite” means “war-makers.” They perpetually despised and opposed Israel and if it were not for God working behind the scenes through Mordechai and Esther, would have destroyed Israel and (the Messianic line).

The name “Haman” means, “loud noise.” It has applications to the masses making a loud noise together. It is a perfect type of the mass-media, who are all anti-Semites, albeit camouflaged sometimes.

Interestingly the Amalekites are associated with Hitler and the Nazi’s as well as Iran. A number of prominent Rabbis from the 19th century made these associations which remain even today.

Not only was Haman, but his, not one, two or three, but TEN sons were hung that day, just as the 10 Nazi's were hung, (not shot as custom dictated after a military trial), in Nuremburg centuries later. Queen Esther was asked what to do with the son of Haman  She said “hang them on the same gallows”.  Since Persians invented crucifixion, they may have been crucified on the gallows as well.

Dad confesses to killing twin teen daughters

Einstein on Jesus: “No one can read the Gospels without feeling the actual presence of Jesus. His personality pulsates in every word. No myth is filled with such life.”  His comments on tyranny and atheism at link

Soldiers restore Virgin Mary statue smashed by ISIS

Japan sending largest warship to South China Sea as tensions rise

Tennessee Bishop in  serious condition with complications after falling twice

91-Year-Old ‘Fool for Christ’ Builds Massive Church in Spain

California desert sees "superbloom" after winter of heavy rains

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