Ohio Archbishop Dennis Schnurr has issued a stern statement warning clergy in his diocese not to attend an upcoming pro-LGBT event at a state-run university featuring pro-gay Vatican consultant Fr. James Martin and dissident nun Sr. Jeannine Gramick  

The dog of war, Erdogan, urges 57 Muslim nations to besiege Israel with join Army Webmaster feels Erdogan is "Gog" and Turkey is "Magog". The Lord is prophesized to put a "hook in his jaw" after as short war. This could be a literal "hook". The more I study the Bible, the more literal I think it is.  Turkey has already invaded Syria and its troops are being fired upon.

Defense Report of Iranian Missile Threat Fails to Consider God-Factor A well-known mystic in Israel said that the new S-300 missile posed no threat. In September 2016, while the system was being installed, the rabbi said that the S-300 missiles “will get a virus in their computers, and go crazy....They will blow up inside their bunkers,”   Which is precisely what they did.

One Mad Mom- I almost always get that creepy visual of Satan talking to Eve whenever I read or watch Cardinal Cupich, Fr. Martin, Bishop McElroy, and the rest

Disease X: World Health Organization issues global alert for potential pandemic.  No vector, host or organism identified.. An alert for "just in case" it ever is.

Series of bombs in packages puts residents of Austin on edge

Contact lenses that deliver drugs directly to the eye win healthcare prize

Nigeria struggles to contain dramatic spread of deadly Lassa fever

5 Illegal Aliens Indicted on Felony Charges After Voting in 2016 Election in Obama home state  Certainly more widespread than this.

Police seeks help from church on a ‘poltergeist’ case in Philippines

Practicing exorcist: “ It’s very nice to understand that when you are an exorcist, you can grasp with your hands the reality and the strength and the force of the power of prayer,”

Fate of White South Africans in Question as Government Moves Towards Land Expropriation

Saginaw Bishop Actively Covered Up Gay Sex Abuseow


Cardinal Bertone, Secretary of State,  and Cardinal  Bergoglio in Argentina

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Her well-written accounts of being transported by angels to 'God's library', of being given a vision of a scary robotics-dominated future, of playing with Jesus as a child, and conversing with the soul of her late husband to name just a few examples, while scorned by skeptics, more easily accepted by Catholics

Unexplained, miraculous event surrounding the filming of Passion of the Christ

Astonishing power of prayer:
Jesus saves Muslim man from pirates and the jaws of a giant fish

Why did Jesus have to die.... on the cross? What about by the sword?

The unheard of torture and ignominious hanging accentuates God's love for man and that He must bear, as redeemer, all the sins of the world which destroyed Christ's body as they destroy our souls.

Rosary For the Purification of the ChurchFirst of 15 articles. Read the article before you pray this mystery next time

What will you leave after death?

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Massive solar storm that will slam Earth TOMORROW could knockout power supplies, damage satellites and trigger stunning auroras

Trump fires Secretary of State Tillerson, to be replaced by CIA Director

This is fake news Pope Francis Forgives HIV Positive Priest Who Raped 30 Children

The Problematic Theologians of the ‘New Paradigm’ 

Benedict XVI: ‘foolish prejudice’ to think Pope Francis lacks formation

Big doubts about Benedict's health and therefore his mental state  Thx FM

Desert truffles anyone? Have Israeli researchers discovered Israel’s new cash crop?

Mother’s Day cards go gender-neutral

Polish stores close on Sunday as new law takes effect

NASA astronaut who spent a year in space now has different DNA from his twin

Experts say that the Michigan has  'the highest probability' of receiving the falling Chinese space station

Waitress gets $16K scholarship after act of kindness goes viral "It was so busy in here and she actually took the time to stop and hear what he had to say instead of walking past him"

Mainstream media forced to cover growing concern with Clinton’s ties to Satanism

Outbreak of syphilis and HIV in Milwaukee affecting babies, teens

Science confirms Genesis Flood account, again