Sobering lessons with examples: Deciding not to be confined by your problems

N.Y. Times now admits border at 'breaking point'

More than 2,000 migrants quarantined in U.S. detention centers due to disease outbreak threats

Rio Grande Valley Border Chief- We Have Intercepted Migrants from Bangladesh, Turkey, Romania and China

Carriers ground Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft after Ethiopian Airlines crash Never-the-less...most likely cause is pilot errors

On the lengthy ongoing abuse of women and children high ranking nun says that a "criminal organization could not have done worse"

Pastor, wife, teenage daughter found dead in home they lost in foreclosure

Autistic priest's claim that indecent photos he took of a boy were 'artistic' rather than sexually motivated has been slammed by a judg

Coach, wife electrocuted installing new scoreboard

Homeowner charged in electrician's death

Roseanne Barr says Michelle Obama got her fired for racist tweet at Obama aide  Roseanne should have been warned "never again" after she apologized. Spirit-digest feels firing extreme (ruined career) and has been unevenly applied in the industry

15 Stats That Show Americans Are Drowning in 'Stuff'

Cardinal Zen: ‘One wonders from which planet did our leaders in Rome descend?’

US religious freedom ambassador dismisses pope’s China accord, blasts communist assault on Catholics

Disgraced cardinal (Mahony), pro-LGBT teaching to dominate LA Religious Education Conference

The Catholic Church cannot reform itself  "My only hope resides with the dozen or so state attorneys general who have started criminal investigations".

Catholic Archbishop, on his hands and knees, begged for forgiveness over abuse


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Catholics protest bishop’s removal of priest who complained about another priest’s sex harassment

In Medjugorje, where Our Lady is welcomed with respectful silence everyday at 6.40pm, instances of possession and deliverance are common

What Happened When Atheists Attended a Talk on Exorcism

The Twenty Four Hours of the Passion

The prophecy of two suns a prequel to the "Warning"?
Also please note that God has also awakened faithful, God-fearing Protestants, with dreams and prophecies, now actively promoting the "Warning" and "three days of darkness" covering the world. With hindsight they have reviewed the Scriptures and have found many references throughout including Isaiah 60 and 12. Joel 2, Amos, Rev 6 and 16.  They are also referencing Catholic prophecies.
   Link (YouTube) Thx JC

The 'Weight' of the Rosary at the Judgment Seat of God


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Restrictions placed on bishops accused of sexual harassment ...and "financial improprieties". 

New York City is edging toward financial disaster

Cupich's successor in Spokane is anti Cupich. Fascinating interview

The underwater statue of Christ in Michigan

Why Does Lent Begin in the Desert with Jesus and the Devil?

The Rev. Augustus Tolton — America's first black Catholic priest and a Chicagoan — is one step closer to sainthood

Pope Francis "Praised the [UN] SDGs (sustainable development goals)" which calls for ubiquitous abortion

Now desperate for babies? Chinese database detailing ‘breedready’ status of millions of women discovered by researcher  Link

He Wanted to Give Padre Pio a Good Kick!

I Was Once Transgender. Why I Think Trump Made the Right Decision for the Military

Computer to call balls and strikes in minor league

Kansas doctor given life sentence after patient's opioid overdose death

More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer To Make Money

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Florida doctor wrongly diagnosed patients with skin cancer for profit

Patients confront doctor who falsely diagnosed them with cancer.

Doctor allegedly made millions off fake cancer diagnoses -

Doctor accused of false diagnoses in $240M health care scheme