Astonishing power of prayer:
Jesus saves Muslim man from pirates and the jaws of a giant fish

DNA from GMOs can pass directly into humans, study confirms

United Airlines Is Making Its Employees Take Compassion Training What ever happened to the "friendly skies"???

Italian exorcist explains why is a powerful advocate for him during exorcisms

Melania Trump meets Florida school shooting survivor at the White House before surprising the teen by introducing him to the President in the Oval Office

Teenager permanently paralyzed after swallowing garden slug as a dare 

Brain-Infecting 'Rat Lungworm' Spreads in Florida and predicted across to spread across the U.S.  You can get it from snail eggs deposited on lettuce and other veggies. Be sure to wash produce carefully.

Nigeria Lassa fever: 78 dead, 353 infected

Mexican presidential candidate campaigns in California Only in California. What's he going to do when Trump comes to CA on Tuesday.

After Florida shooting, 638 copycat threats…

PSA screening for prostate cancer is not effective for those without symptoms.  MD Advice: don't have the test done for "screening"

Nurse in remote outpost saves own life after heart attack

Exactly how competition can contain soaring healthcare costs If Trump attempts this, add hospitals to the league of Trump haters.

At Least 18 Killed as Second Earthquake (6.7 aftershock) Strikes Papua New Guinea

The Morality of Giving Sanctuary  Catholic writer say it is NOT moral and demeans legal immigration.

How China’s Social Credit Score Will Shape the “Perfect” Citizen

Trauma surgeons tell what it is really like to try to repair  devastating injuries, wounds from military-style rifles.  These X-Rays show off the horror. This is why anything more potent than a Henry repeating rifle is literal "overkill"

Four Things to Remember When You’re Suffering


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Why did Jesus have to die.... on the cross? What about by the sword?
The unheard of torture and ignominious hanging accentuates God's love for man and that He must bear, as redeemer, all the sins of the world which destroyed Christ's body as they destroy our souls.

Rosary For the Purification of the ChurchFirst of 15 articles. Read the article before you pray this mystery next time

What will you leave after death?

On the Feast Day of St. Therese: Roses From Heaven

 Angelic encounters while his heart was failing brought hope and encouragement  

Living in a home with entities

Reach for the hand of a loved one in pain and not only will your breathing and heart rate synchronize with theirs but also your brain wave patterns

Holy Cities of Islam and Catholicism struck by freak ice storms within days of each other on the week of Purim.
The sages of Israel say it is a sign demanding immediate repentance. Extreme weather events, and earth movements increasing since August eclipse

4 Amazing Eucharistic miracles from the last 20 years

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CDC identifies a mystery cluster of deaths among dentists

Erie man accused of murdering wife, then confessing to priest

In this Time of Darkness in the Church, What do we do?

The Supreme Court of Canada ruled today that only penetrative sex with animals is a crime, not oral sex. No link to this repulsive paraphilia

An African cardinal said he is “astonished” to see the church in the west fixated on “remarried” divorcees and on welcoming homosexuals and not on the bigger problem of empty churches. Link 

ISIS Defector Reports on the Sale of Organs Harvested from ISIS-Held ‘Slaves’

Mother Teresa was heroic – but maybe not for the reasons you think

Religious sister who worked with Padre Pio dies at 101

Sri Lankan Migrants Scalp Man and Cut Off His Arm in Paris Restaurant

Sweden refuses to investigate hundreds of acts of Muslim violence against Christian refugees

Seattle Police Begin Gun Confiscations: No Laws Broken, No Warrant, No Charges

As yellow fever spreads toward big cities, Brazil struggles to vaccinate millions  The vaccine is excellent and confers life-long protection.

Israel Thwarts 20 to 30 Terror Attacks Per Week

Ohio Clergymen Bless Israel and See Astounding Blessings in Return Contrast this with South Africa which cursed Israel and rejected offer of help for apocalyptic drought crisis in umbrage "for the treatment of the "Palestinian people".  Link carried on this website last month as a headline...Check the archive to read.  

Celebrity shares miraculous story to 'give people hope' 

I could see a fire truck speeding up my street. Where was the emergency?

Mom entrusted her diamond ring to me. How could I tell her it was stolen?

In Praise of Holy Water

3 Powerful sacramentals to have in your car