8-year-old boy says 'angels' helped him save his father's life thx FR

Eerily Accurate Mystic Rabbi Predicts Cities Swallowed Up, Plane and Boat Crashes, But Israel Protected 

Ivanka Trump clothing line reports record sales

Italian archbishop: Pope Benedict retired due to ‘tremendous pressure’

Papal nuncio, appointed by Benedict, to resign and move to Albania after five years in Ireland

Over 1 million demonstrate against gender ideology in Peru

Wyoming Supreme Court Censures Judge Who Refused To Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Galilee level dangerously low, which the rabbi think is a spiritual warning for Israel

Stop Prooftexting Refugee Policy With Misapplied Bible Verses

US Fertility Rate At Lowest Point Since Records Began In 1909

Francis signals openness to ordaining married men

Bishop rejects South Sudan president's day of prayer as a political move?? 

Blind dog rescued after a week lost in the mountains

Five-year-old girl suffers horrific burns after becoming the latest victim of 'fire fairy' game spreading online  

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 Medjugorje visionaries say they have seen the “Permanent Indestructible Sign” 
The 10 secrets refer to the whole world and are linked together in a chain
The sign is for atheists and when the sign comes it will be too late
(for conversion)

New relativism seen in recent remarks of priest to LA Religious Congress: ‘It’s impossible to give a moral rule that applies always’

Unthinkable just one papacy ago

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54 Incredible photos of Saint Therese of Lisieux taken by her sister, Celine

Guatemala fire hits children's shelter, 21 dead

Blind Christian Woman Captured by ISIS Shares How God Protected Her from Death After Refusing to Convert to Islam

Unlike previous popes, Francis is in no rush to visit his homeland

Bitter Women Tired of 'Being Silenced': "It's up to us women to support this extraordinary pope, who is a blessing for our century.”

Germany: Muslim Interrupts Mass in Augsburg Shouting "Allu Akbar

Four Ethiopia nuns killed in car crash on the way to a funeral

Jesus Appearing To Muslim Refugees In Their Dreams, To Embrace Him Despite Great Risks

Miracle or Magic? How I Found Peace After Praying For My Addicted Loved One

“The Reality Is, Half Of Americans Can’t Afford To Write A $500 Check”

Social Justice Syndrome- ‘Rising Tide of Personality Disorders Among Millennials’

US psychologists claim social media 'increases loneliness'

Asia Bibi, “Lord, have mercy on me”