What Happened When Atheists Attended a Talk on Exorcism

Current list of princely perverts: bad boy cardinals and what they did (Pell is doubtful...but the only one) Scary how it continues to grow

'Cupich Plan' for Investigating Bishops Accused of Sex Abuse Faces Rough Road

Children end up in hospital with burns on their heads from ‘toxic’ Ash Wednesday ash

Envy and Jealousy: Why the Difference Actually Matters. It's important because God is Jealous and says so

More than 1,100 store closures were announced in a single day as fallout from the retail apocalypse picks up steam

A book Padre Pio read four times

Mary Crocker: 14-year-old Georgia  girl kept naked in cage and starved by family before death, court hears  Please remember Mary whenever you think of the evil men do. . This unspeakable evil is what we have the death penalty for and why it is never irrelevant, outdated, obsolete,  barbaric, vengeful, un-Christian, or contrary to civil-rights. 5 persons have been arrested in this horrifying case

An Arkansas church is facing a fierce backlash for erecting a sign: “Heaven has strict immigration laws, hell has open borders.”

Girl walking dog finds man tied up in car trunk

New Jersey man wins $273 million Mega Millions jackpot after forgetting ticket  on the store counter which clerk saved the next day for him

22 states sue Trump rule stripping Planned Parenthood of  funding

Girl Scouts Gives Its Highest Award to Teen Who Organized Campaign Promoting Abortion

A book Padre Pio read four times

Australia's Cardinal Pell sued in civil court for alleged child abuse in 1970s

Pell: local  backlash to cardinal's sexual abuse conviction

Cardinal Müller- Cardinal Pell’s Conviction ‘Against All Reason and Justice’


Israel Ranks 8th-Most Powerful Nation in the World  (in worldly measures, not in the spiritual )

World's first gym for your face is expanding across the US

Never buy cleaning products again! Amazing hacks reveal how to clean a sink with KETCHUP, rusty tools with beer and burnt pots with a salty potato 


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The Twenty Four Hours of the Passion

The prophecy of two suns a prequel to the "Warning"?
Also please note that God has also awakened faithful, God-fearing Protestants, with dreams and prophecies, now actively promoting the "Warning" and "three days of darkness" covering the world. With hindsight they have reviewed the Scriptures and have found many references throughout including Isaiah 60 and 12. Joel 2, Amos, Rev 6 and 16.  They are also referencing Catholic prophecies.
   Link (YouTube) Thx JC

The 'Weight' of the Rosary at the Judgment Seat of God

Fire came down on people from the sky when the foundation to the Christ the Savior Cathedral was laid in Moscow, Russia

Pope's disgraceful response to sex abuse

Hospice doctor says that frequently dreaming of deceased loved ones is an indicator that death is looming (and travel or packing dreams can also mean impending death)

Two miraculous photos of the light of Christ

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Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

The Act of Reparation taught by the Angel of Fatima

Act of Reparation to the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Begone Satan Online Book

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Purim Supermoon: Rare upcoming confluence of astronomical events with Jewish feast of victory over evil in ancient Iran

Dubia Cardinals in an open letter to the presidents of the conferences of bishops ask bishops where is the Church going?

He was originally atheistic, anti-Catholic, wanted good living and a family to go along with it, kept trying to drop out of seminary training, convinced we was nutty to think about a vocation. Then on day we became gifted with a priest's healing hands (Feb 2000)

MooGoo Skincare, which was originally used to treat the udders of milk cows healed man of in tractable blisters from radiation therapy and had reportedly helped others with eczema and blisters

South African pastor’s resurrection stunt draws mockery and memes

Climate rewind: Scientists turn carbon dioxide (in the air) back into coal

'No Western country has EVER managed to successfully integrate Muslims. In most other groups of migrants, we see great progress from one generation to the next'

Immigrants Behind 70 Percent of Violent Crime in Oslo

Chris Watts agreed to provide details about murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters after the convicted killer discovered God in prison .

Don’t give your bishop a dime of charity Note: You must support your parish. Although, when diocesan revenues decline, the bishops will extract those monies also.

Time will tell if news of suspected abusive priests affects gifts to church

Editorial: Why I still give to the Appeal 
Webmaster responds: Author gives the impression that charities will not receive anything if it does not come from the local bishop, when in fact, parishioners can bypass the bishop in their giving. The unspoken principle is; "you're not hurting me; you're hurting XYZ worthy cause".  Revenue success is a factor in nominating and advancement. In fact, one of the most most important things to a bishop is diocesan revenues and no priest gets a crosier without a good record in his parish. Your money talks. Without a serious penalty from those paying the bills, it's going to be business as usual for the huge majority of U.S. dioceses.  MANY irresponsible bishops have brought us to this point and it's past high time for tough love.
List of nearly two dozen worthy Catholic charitable groups

Christian Cake Baker Jack Phillips Vindicated by “Overwhelming Evidence” of Hostility Toward Religion: Court Case Dropped, victory complete and overwhelming

84-Year-Old Widow Threatened with Eviction for Holding Bible Studies at Veterans Senior Home