Muslim Man Pulled Underwater by Violent Tsunami Carried to Shore by 'Mighty' Man With 'Blood-Stained Hands'

Italian archbishop: Pope Benedict retired due to ‘tremendous pressure’

Galilee level dangerously low, which the rabbi think is a spiritual warning for Israel

Stop Prooftexting Refugee Policy With Misapplied Bible Verses

North Korea bars Malaysians from leaving, in ‘diplomatic meltdown’

Former NSA Whistleblower- "Trump Is Absolutely Right, Everything Was Being Monitored"

Josh Earnest Won’t Deny Trump Tower Was Surveilled By Obama Administration

Wikileaks Reveals CIA planned to hack cars and trucks to carry out undetectable assassinations. Wikileaks has a track record of high accuracy!

The overwhelming evidence that Trump was wiretapped

Bishop rejects South Sudan president's day of prayer as a political move?? 

Poachers break into zoo, kill rhino for horn

Blind dog rescued after a week lost in the mountains

The bad eating habits killing the most Americans

Wyoming Supreme Court Censures Judge Who Refused To Perform Same-Sex Marriages

China’s Banking System Hits $33 Trillion, Overtaking The Eurozone As World’s Largest

How a Catholic Won a Wager and Invented the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish

Five-year-old girl suffers horrific burns after becoming the latest victim of 'fire fairy' game spreading online

Pediatricians Warn Parents: Pot is Not Benign

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 Medjugorje visionaries say they have seen the “Permanent Indestructible Sign” 
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New relativism seen in recent remarks of priest to LA Religious Congress: ‘It’s impossible to give a moral rule that applies always’

Unthinkable just one papacy ago

Revered Rabbi’s Deathbed Message comforts and reassures  Israel, then says the Archangel Michael bringing End of Days and is protecting the Jews until then

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Jesus Appearing To Muslim Refugees In Their Dreams, To Embrace Him Despite Great Risks

Do not forget prayer or the poor, retreat master tells Pope, Curia This by a pope preoccupied by money and the poor to the exclusion of other critical pastoral responsibilities. Think the pope told his retreat master what to preach?  How about the Catholic dogma of a ratified, consummated marriage? 

Miracle or Magic? How I Found Peace After Praying For My Addicted Loved One

“The Reality Is, Half Of Americans Can’t Afford To Write A $500 Check”

Social Justice Syndrome- ‘Rising Tide of Personality Disorders Among Millennials’

US psychologists claim social media 'increases loneliness'

Asia Bibi, “Lord, have mercy on me” 

Sweden: Muslim classmates gang rape 14-year-old girl in school, remain enrolled because “rapists are victims too,” says principal

War Correspondent Says Mosul Safer for Women than Sweden

Removing Holy Water during Lent- wrong and is NOT permitted. Catholics should never be deprived of sacramentals. 

'Extraordinary' new cancer drug appears to cure a third of terminal lymphoma patients in small study (with one treatment)

This House Was 3D-Printed In Under 24 Hours At A Cost Of Just $10,000

Man Who Once Hated Christians is Hit by Train, Finds Jesus After Miraculously Surviving