The Twenty Four Hours of the Passion

A book Padre Pio read four times

Aggressive Islamic militants now serving God and bringing multitudes to Christ  This is another stunning end times sign. God is also being aggressive in His Divine Mercy THX PC

Australia's Cardinal Pell sued in civil court for alleged child abuse in 1970s

Pell: local  backlash to cardinal's sexual abuse conviction

Cardinal Pell's appeal is fast-tracked to June, may wait three months behind bars

Cdl. Dolan has lots of excuses for not punishing Gov. Andrew Cuomo, but Church’s law says otherwise

Girl Scouts Gives Its Highest Award to Teen Who Organized Campaign Promoting Abortion

Cardinal Müller- Cardinal Pell’s Conviction ‘Against All Reason and Justice’

Cardinal Pell is prohibited from saying Mass in his prison cell


Israel Ranks 8th-Most Powerful Nation in the World  (in worldly measures, not in the spiritual )

Einstein’s 140th Birthday Celebrated with New Jerusalem Archives Manuscripts

Two New Red Heifer Candidates

Alabama Man Sues Abortion Clinic On Behalf Of Himself and Unborn ‘Baby Roe’ – First Time US Has Granted Legal Rights to Aborted Baby

‘I’ve Seen Jesus’: He Died, Made Three Trips to Heaven and was astounded by the People He Saw

Because workplace violence with deadly results is on the rise in health care environments, panic button developed for workers

Insulin maker (Eli Lilly) says it will cut current price in half

World's first gym for your face is expanding across the US

Sister Miriam: The Dominican nun who helped discover DNA

"Heaven and Earth will pass away but my Word will not pass away."  Bibles saved at church leaving firefighters stunned

The tiny tweaks that age-proof your BRAIN- From changing radio stations to avoiding tubby friends, a neuroscientist reveals the small life changes that create new grey matter

Never buy cleaning products again! Amazing hacks reveal how to clean a sink with KETCHUP, rusty tools with beer and burnt pots with a salty potato 


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The prophecy of two suns a prequel to the "Warning"?
Also please note that God has also awakened faithful, God-fearing Protestants, with dreams and prophecies, now actively promoting the "Warning" and "three days of darkness" covering the world. With hindsight they have reviewed the Scriptures and have found many references throughout including Isaiah 60 and 12. Joel 2, Amos, Rev 6 and 16.  They are also referencing Catholic prophecies.
   Link (YouTube) Thx JC

The 'Weight' of the Rosary at the Judgment Seat of God

Fire came down on people from the sky when the foundation to the Christ the Savior Cathedral was laid in Moscow, Russia

Pope's disgraceful response to sex abuse

Hospice doctor says that frequently dreaming of deceased loved ones is an indicator that death is looming (and travel or packing dreams can also mean impending death)

Two miraculous photos of the light of Christ

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Most powerful weapon against evil ever conceived: The mysteries of the rosary

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French Cardinal offers his resignation after conviction for child rape cover-up

Chilean Cardinal Ezzati sued for alleged cover-up of rape in cathedral

Researchers reveal a novel and surprising function of sleep The role of sleep is to increase chromosome dynamics and normalize the levels of DNA damage in each single neuron ALL organisms have to have to sleep to allow their neurons to perform efficient DNA maintenance. This is possibly the reason why sleep has evolved and is so conserved in the animal kingdom,”

The sun's rays illuminated what appeared to be a glowing image of the Son of God

How sisters allegedly killed elderly dad in 'perfect murder,' covered it up for years

REVEALED- Chris Watts agreed to provide details about murders of his pregnant wife and two daughters after the convicted killer discovered God in prison 

Alex Trebek reveals diagnosis of Stage 4 pancreatic cancer as Jeopardy host vows to 'keep working'   Wonder if he bought   Colonial Penn whole life insurance for his loved ones that he always advertises.

Don’t give your bishop a dime of charity Note: You must support your parish. Although, when diocesan revenues decline, the bishops will extract those monies also.

Time will tell if news of suspected abusive priests affects gifts to church

Editorial: Why I still give to the Appeal 
Webmaster responds: Author gives the impression that charities will not receive anything if it does not come from the local bishop, when in fact, parishioners can bypass the bishop in their giving. The unspoken principle is; "you're not hurting me; you're hurting XYZ worthy cause".  Revenue success is a factor in nominating and advancement. In fact, one of the most most important things to a bishop is diocesan revenues and no priest gets a crosier without a good record in his parish. Your money talks. Without a serious penalty from those paying the bills, it's going to be business as usual for the huge majority of U.S. dioceses.  MANY irresponsible bishops have brought us to this point and it's past high time for tough love.
List of nearly two dozen worthy Catholic charitable groups

Border Rush May Hit 100,000 Migrants in March  (This is not an emergency?)

Immigrants Behind 70 Percent of Violent Crime in Oslo

Christian Cake Baker Jack Phillips Vindicated by “Overwhelming Evidence” of Hostility Toward Religion: Court Case Dropped, victory complete and overwhelming

84-Year-Old Widow Threatened with Eviction for Holding Bible Studies at Veterans Senior Home

Entire Australian town ‘all but wiped off the map’ in massive bushfire

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Issues Urgent Prophetic Message About New York, Sacrifices to Baal. "The central key is that as America falls away from God, it's following the pattern of ancient Israel in its fall away from God," Cahn says. "And one of the signs in the fall of ancient Israel was the worship of the god Baal, to whom they offered up their babies. We are watching now that same spirit."  Can the "Warning" be far behind??