The prophecy of two suns a prequel to the "Warning"?

 This  image (below) is likely supernatural and passes the test for a real image as recorded on photographer's IPhone. Is it a forerunner of "there will the signs in the sky"? (Luke 21), preceding "Warning" where two heavenly bodies collide?  Notice lack of cloud cover or fog required for image echoes. Another image was photographed by a different person under the same conditions on a different day in February. Please read the dialog here,  (name "mothe" misspelled to keep kooks and trolls confused). Author of thread emphasizes signs and wonders will appear gradually until that day that suddenly darkness will be upon us.

Also please note that God has also awakened faithful, God-fearing Protestants, with dreams and prophecies, now actively promoting the "Warning" and "three days of darkness" covering the world. With hindsight they have reviewed the Scriptures and have found many references throughout including Isaiah 60 and 12. Joel 2, Amos, Rev 6 and 16.  They are also referencing Catholic prophecies.   Link (YouTube) Thx JC

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Chile's Roman Catholic church, already the target of Vatican sanctions, was being shaken Tuesday by yet another allegation of priestly abuse and high-level cover-up.

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Did you know that Pope St. Pius X was Polish? So he was actually the first Polish Pope! I'm very excited about this news.   Thx TO

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Rabbi Jonathan Cahn Issues Urgent Prophetic Message About New York, Sacrifices to Baal. "The central key is that as America falls away from God, it's following the pattern of ancient Israel in its fall away from God," Cahn says. "And one of the signs in the fall of ancient Israel was the worship of the god Baal, to whom they offered up their babies. We are watching now that same spirit."  Can the "Warning" be far behind??

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