What will you leave after death?

USS Lexington found 76 years after WWII sinking Two miles below and about 500 miles off the eastern coast of Australia. Painted on her bridge is "CV 2". Her flight decks were made of Teak. She was our second carrier ever in the U.S. fleet. She has been beautifully preserved under the Coral Sea.  My baseball hat says USS Lexington, CV-2.

5 types of apples, once thought extinct, are rediscovered Let's get those seeds into Norway's seed vault.

East Coast braces for another storm days after deadly nor'easter

Yoga in prison- Germany's "5-star slammer"

Man arrested for 'stealing' Frances McDormand's Oscar

Canadian court Forces Doctor to Euthanize Patient or Face Professional Sanction

Canada Starts Euthanizing Prisoners, New Guidelines Allow Prisons to “Facilitate or Enable” Death

Coyote that bit 8 people tests positive for rabies

Doctors protest after wrong patient gets brain surgery in India

Couple adopts nine children so that all the siblings can stay together

Vatican lawyer indicts former Vatican bank head In $62 million embezzlement scheme

Common everyday sociopaths Getting help dealing with them, identifying them, exiting relations with them

Male Escort Exposes 36 Gay Priests in File Sent to Vatican Containing Explicit  Photos

Former Seminarians Allege Grave Sexual Misconduct by Honduran Bishop Pineda

Vatican Exorcist Too Busy To Banish Your Demons? Now You Can Order Exorcism  Online

Art buff says he found centuries-old Raphael print in church


Moon passing in front of the Earth. It happens once a month. No shadow cast so no solar eclipse. The angle between the Sun and the moon is off slightly.

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On the Feast Day of St. Therese: Roses From Heaven

 Angelic encounters while his heart was failing brought hope and encouragement  

Living in a home with entities

Reach for the hand of a loved one in pain and not only will your breathing and heart rate synchronize with theirs but also your brain wave patterns

Holy Cities of Islam and Catholicism struck by freak ice storms within days of each other on the week of Purim.
The sages of Israel say it is a sign demanding immediate repentance. Extreme weather events, and earth movements increasing since August eclipse

4 Amazing Eucharistic miracles from the last 20 years

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A woman stabbed 5 passengers, held a child  at knife point then sliced her own throat  on a Greyhound traveling from Las Vegas to central California  Everyone will recover.

College prof kills two sons, self in Ill. home

Woman accused of poisoning look-alike with cheesecake

Details emerge about teen accused of killing parents in CMU dorm

Thirty eight chilling school shooting threats made across the U.S. since the Parkland massacre: Dozens of kids have been arrested - including a 10-year-old - all vowing to kill teachers and classmates

More on James Eric Davis Jr. allegedly shot and killed his parents in his dorm room

An India court will consider the acquittal plea filed by the two accused priests and a nun in the murder of a nun 

Home intruder kills dog, falls asleep in homeowner’s bed

Transgender surgeries skyrocket

Age of confusion for Catholics under Pope Francis

Pope Francis still popular, but conservative opposition rises 

Ten Bishops Sign the “Profession of Truth about Sacramental Marriage”

Oakland Mayor blasted  for alerting the public to a surprise ICE operation resulting in approximately 800 “criminal” illegal aliens avoiding immigration arrests.  Criminal fines, obstruction,  being considered for Mayor.

Candidate Who Ran on Platform to Deport 500,000 Migrants Wins Italian Elections

Mexican man, deported twice, then assumed American identity for 37 years and proceeded to defraud the U.S. people of hundred of thousands.

Stunning: Google Lists Planned Parenthood as Top Pro-Life Organization

South Africa’s Future: A Communist Induced Famine

Photographer  has captured pic of evil spirits in a bar

"This Man Nicodemus..."  

Cardinal Wuerl sets out 'Amoris Laetitia' pastoral plan "Priests are called to respect the decisions made in conscience by individuals who act in good faith since no one can enter the soul of another and make that judgment for them”