Common everyday sociopaths Getting help dealing with them, identifying them, exiting relations with them

Male Escort Exposes 36 Gay Priests in File Sent to Vatican Containing Explicit  Photos

Former Seminarians Allege Grave Sexual Misconduct by Honduran Bishop Pineda

Vatican Exorcist Too Busy To Banish Your Demons? Now You Can Order exorcism  Online

Creators believe Bible-based comedy will win converts

Mexican man, deported twice, then assumed American identity for 37 years and proceeded to defraud the U.S. people of hundred of thousands.

Art buff says he found centuries-old Raphael print in church

Thirty eight chilling school shooting threats made across the U.S. since the Parkland massacre: Dozens of kids have been arrested - including a 10-year-old - all vowing to kill teachers and classmates

Vatican Is Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory for the Church in China .

3 Ex-Satanists Come Home to the Catholic Church

Joys of Socialism: Average Venezuelan Has Lost 24 Pounds Per Person – They Are Starving 

Three nuns lashed out on Friday against the menial work they have to do for clergymen, often for no money, in a rare public criticism of the Catholic Church’s male hierarchy.    Similar to sexual abuse outrages  victims have to cry out before the Holy Church, charged with the distribution love and caring in the world, recognizes its neglect. 

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On the Feast Day of St. Therese: Roses From Heaven

 Angelic encounters while his heart was failing brought hope and encouragement  

Living in a home with entities

Reach for the hand of a loved one in pain and not only will your breathing and heart rate synchronize with theirs but also your brain wave patterns

Holy Cities of Islam and Catholicism struck by freak ice storms within days of each other on the week of Purim.
The sages of Israel say it is a sign demanding immediate repentance. Extreme weather events, and earth movements increasing since August eclipse

4 Amazing Eucharistic miracles from the last 20 years

Cd. Cupich undermines Bp. Paprocki, calls pro-death Senator Durbin to lobby for illegals

How godly souls who grew up in pagan societies are conducted to knowledge of the true God. One method, (used by Blessed Mary Agreda), was bilocation  to central Mexico and Texas in the 17th Century to instructs the Indians years before the Franciscan priests arrived. All of these instances have baptism in common

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Photographer  has captured pic of evil spirits in a bar

"This Man Nicodemus..."

Poll: U.S. Catholics More Worried About ‘Climate Change’ than Christian Persecution  Webmaster's list:  Rampant homosexuality morphing into transexualism bending world culture with it, collapse of Catholic orthodoxy,   Christian persecution, increasing peril of a world-wide unrecoverable catastrophe,  Islamization/ mass migration,.... least concern is climate change.

Cardinal Wuerl sets out 'Amoris Laetitia' pastoral plan "Priests are called to respect the decisions made in conscience by individuals who act in good faith since no one can enter the soul of another and make that judgment for them”

Algeria- Christian gets six months in prison for “shaking the faith” of Muslims

The Rosary and the Possessed Girl

The Pretzel: Brought to You by Lent

UN aid workers accused of forcing Syrian refugees to trade sex for food

'House of horrors' siblings enjoying lasagna, 'Star Wars' and modern technology, attorney says

Boy who had legs amputated gets a  quadruple-amputee dog.

50 Reflections From Padre Pio