4 Amazing Eucharistic miracles from the last 20 years

Former Boko Haram Prisoner: ‘The Rosary Saved Me From Captivity’

From the Beginning of Creation Marriage Was a Sacred Covenant Between Husband and Wife

Poland passed Anti Holocaust legislation last week. Now  Polish priest sparks outrage after claiming ‘truth’ to Jews is ‘whatever serves their own interests’

You thought the Turpin case in Perris, CA was depraved?  Survivors thanked social workers, police for saving their lives. Sociopath dad sent up the river for 40 years.

A New Zealand woman is sharing the wonderful story of being on the receiving end of a beautiful act of kindness. In a story featured on the “Love What Matters”

Biblical Lessons For Dealing With Modern Terrorism

Senior South Korean cleric apologizes after priest tried to rape parishioner

Retired Buffalo-area priest admits sexually abusing 'dozens' of boys

NY priest, convicted sex offender, dies in Upstate jail while awaiting sentencing.  Probable suicide

Indianapolis Catholic priest charged with beating wife inside church

President Trump, Congress Order Extraordinary Honors for Rev. Billy Graham

Tale of a Purim-type Miracle in Baghdad which saved the Jews
I will cut off a man’s head with a sword, and then put him back together and make him live!

Mass protests against Merkel and immigration are spreading through Germany

Hungary’s PM: Islam is advancing and Christianity is Europe’s last hope

  Jesus in the Eucharist
Answering Objections To The Real Presence

I'm Here Waiting For You Every Day

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Cd. Cupich undermines Bp. Paprocki, calls pro-death Senator Durbin to lobby for illegals

How godly souls who grew up in pagan societies are conducted to knowledge of the true God. One method, (used by Blessed Mary Agreda), was bilocation  to central Mexico and Texas in the 17th Century to instructs the Indians years before the Franciscan priests arrived. All of these instances have baptism in common

The Fulcrum of the Universe
The most compelling argument for the uniqueness of terrestrial life on the Planet Earth is the Incarnation of the Creator Himself, who became an everlasting member of the human race.

Loving God in Darkness: St Therese Lisieux recounts some of her trials

U.N. brings back image of 3rd pagan god and restoration of goddess of 'extra-marital relations' to follow UNESCO funded restored images of Athena and Arch of Baal in 2017  

The appearance of pagan god statues, not merely statues, is the next step in the cycle of judgment according to Rabbi Cahn.

“The New World Order promotes that everything is one, genders are all the same, there are no borders between nations. They believe everything is one, except for God who is multiple.”

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Deputies Told Not to Enter School During Massacre, Fox News Reports

The Alarmingly Common Thread Running Through Almost all the School Shootings Over the Past 13 Years

Joshua’s Grave Found Desecrated With Swastikas on Anniversary of Moses’ Death

Missionary to Sicily gets the job done (humor)

Supreme Court rules immigrants can be held indefinitely with no bond hearings  (In California they must get a court date every 6 months)

This Dreaded Prison in London was Where Catholic Martyrs Were Made

What’s wrong with the German bishops’ statement on Communion for the protestant spouses of Catholics

World-renowned scientist says humans are on the brink of making ALIEN CONTACT  Great deception spoken of in 2  Thessalonians 2:11 about to bloom?

Although China expanded its former one child policy to a limit of two children, decades of population control have left China with significant gender and age imbalances that have far reaching societal consequences, including a rise in sex trafficking and elderly suicide

Vatican studying ways to speed up sexual abuse cases

Fear of a king’s ghost turns this Jharkhand village dull, desolate on Holi

Rare identical triplets born at Kansas City hospital  (Boys)

Gay activists use 10-year-old ‘drag’ kid to promote New York Pride

South Korea reduces work to 52 hours a week from 68