The percentage of souls that are saved according to the Mystics and Saints

Attacked and powerless, Venezuela soldiers choose desertion

Pope confirms Vatican treasurer convicted of child sex abuse is to refrain from ministry

Originally a Catholic priest but changed to be an Anglican priest, arrested for sexual assault of 18 parishioners  Anglican bishop reported him.

Minnesota man gets 10 years in North Dakota priest attack 

A 12-year-old journalist was threatened by law enforcement for reporting a story, but she knew her rights  Future Pulitzer Prize winner?

Survive these visual emergencies e.g. "J" shaped trees, bodies of water with square shaped waves... (slide show) Amazing and useful info

Protection of Minors: Vatican press briefing announces concrete initiatives

Man Who Refuses to Pay Taxes Until Abortion Is Defunded Wins Huge Court Victory

Supreme Court tells abortionists to leave Catholic bishops alone, in major religious victory for Conservatives

Hundreds of live fish rain from the sky during mega storm in Malta

Ice Tsunami Forces Residents To Evacuate Along Lake Erie

How can we be so numb?

Reversal of Duterte: I’ll be your ‘enemy’ if you harm clergy

President Duterte said allowing gay clergy men to marry would put an end to a problem of the Church

GREEN snow falling on polluted Russian towns sparks widespread environmental protests with Putin's ratings taking a hit

St. Margaret of Cortona

The Top 30 Worst Cars Of All Time 

Jesus was a 'sorcerer,' Bible a 'book of magic,' say Christian witches ahead of first annual convention Here is what the Bible really says.  Caution needed. Taking it one step further to  blaspheme the Holy Spirit is a sin which cannot be forgiven.  Blaspheming the Father and Son can be forgiven.

What Are the 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Cebu Archbishop Jose Palma blesses the bed and other belongings of the late Cebuano Archbishop Teofilo Camomot inside the Domus Teofilo in Barangay Vallodolid, Carcar City.

Nun with destroyed eye sleeps on dead archbishop's bed, gets healed

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 'Thousands of miracles': Rare chapel draws international visitors to Regina home

Author presents evidence Pope Francis used family synods to steer Church to accept homosexuality

Church of England says Sunday services no longer mandatory
Bishop who proposed the change, said it “just changes the rules to make it easier for people to do what they’re already doing. It stops the bureaucracy.” 

Chicago Billboard Sponsored by Atheists Urges Catholics to “Value Children Over Dogma” and Quit Church

St. Pio of Pietrelcina- Stigmatist, Dragon-Slayer, & Spiritual Father

Self-invited curses?

An Astonishing Miracle, and 10 Ways to Fall Deeper in Love with Jesus

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How Olympic Athletes Grapple With Life Once The Thrill Is Gone  It's hard and some can't transit.

The Miraculous Story of St. Michael’s Shrine in Tarpon Springs, Florida

South Carolina woman dies after her dogs (boxers) tore off her arms

Trump Calls The Democratic Party Socialist. He’s Right

Australian cardinal, a former top Vatican adviser, convicted of sexually abusing boys (First trial: hung jury. Pell found guilty in December but court forbade any reporting until now, waiting until after the abuse summit))

'Enormous devastation': George Pell guilty verdict rocks Catholic Church

Timeline of Cardinal George Pell's career and accusations

Differences between Cardinal Pell's prosecution and defense

Hindu radicals tried to set his wife on fire then Jesus intervened

One in four teenage suicides involves the internet

Seven Past Presidents Who Have Declared National Emergencies and what over

Mystery as 36ft-long humpback whale is found dead in the Amazon JUNGLE  Updated:  Carried by huge waves during storm Link

How a “Hidden Stigmatic” was called to help our embattled Priests

The mystery of the giant cross that appeared on a beach in Florida

Heaven’s help
Dr. Juanita Arcilla, University of the Philippines medicine graduate recalls praying for help with her physicians’ board exam, especially the anatomy test, “my Waterloo.”

“I had three volumes to read,” Dr. Arcilla said. “Somehow, there was someone guiding me which to read.” On exam day, with statues of the Infant Jesus and the Blessed Mother, and a crucifix on her test desk, she braced for the test. “Lo and behold! The questions asked were those I had read on! And what a miracle it was! I topped the board exam!”