St. Pio of Pietrelcina- Stigmatist, Dragon-Slayer, & Spiritual Father

Pope demands bishops act now to end scourge of sex abuse

Sex abuse survivors describe horrors to world's bishops

Alleged sexual assault of deaf children on two continents points to Vatican failings

But the Vatican’s preparations for the meeting, with the careful delineation of subjects that will and will not be discussed, virtually guarantee that the meeting will not address the key elements of the scandal, unless some bishops deliberately break away from the carefully orchestrated program and demand a more substantive conversation  Link

Catholic Church Sex Abuse Cover-up Linked to Secret Gay Culture- ‘Everyone Is Protecting His Own Little Secret’

Vatican explains its legal procedures for handling sex abuse,

The Latest: Pope says church's attackers are linked to devil 

An Ohio man stunned a courtroom Tuesday after he reportedly sucker-punched his defense attorney and bit him moments after he was sentenced to 47 years in prison

Iowa woman sentenced to life in prison for son's diaper rash death Horrifying case

Vegas gets 1st measurable snow since 1930s

Man intentionally runs over family with car, killing 1, injuring children- Police

Report- North Korea 'talks up' Nobel Peace Prize for Kim Jong Un 

At least 70 dead in Bangladesh apartment fire

 Do you see a winged dragon in this aurora from last week?

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Self-invited curses?

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The Catholic Church’s Problem is Homosexuality 

Lightning’s electromagnetic fields may have a weird “healing” effect on living cells

In North Korea, There Is One Homework Assignment This Christian Wished He’d Never Done

The Saint Who Visited Hell and Came Back to Talk About It

Toward the one world religion Along with a Muslim imam pope signed a document last week that acknowledges only the need for a creator, (not a redeemer!)

In the Bible the number 70 signifies fullness, restoration, and an endpoint

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Three Muslim converts share their sacred journeys

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Priest's son demands Vatican attention for clergy's children

Chicago Billboard Sponsored by Atheists Urges Catholics to “Value Children Over Dogma” and Quit Church

Did Our Lady of Fatima predict the “End Times”?

Loose emu, (on the lam for weeks), eludes capture in Pennsylvania

Professional reptile handler was called to a neighborhood in India where locals found a cobra with its head trapped in a beer can.

10 Real Objects With Alleged Supernatural Powers  Likely have demons attached to them

How the Gospel transformed a family practicing witchcraft

"Proof" that Democratic Party is infested with demons

Johns Hopkins Chief Psychiatrist: Transgender Is A ‘Mental Disorder’

Cdl. Burke- Pope’s declaration saying God wills ‘diversity of religions’ is ‘not correct’

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