The irrationality of hatred
As soon as Israel became aware of Cape Town’s water problem, it volunteered assistance, making clear their ability and willingness to help. They were rebuffed giving a profound example of the irrationality of hatred.

Papyrus With Oldest-Known Hebrew Reference to Jerusalem Proves City Jewish 1,300 Years Before Birth of Islam

A judge on the Holy See's highest court has been sentenced for sexual assault and possession of child porn

Pope Francis Says He Is on ‘Waiting List’ to Become a Saint

Italian voters may be about to reject the Church’s words on immigration

Vandals use statue of Virgin Mary to smash door, break into Tulsa Catholic church

Parish looted, hosts desecrated in Bangladesh

Miracles multiply at Bangladesh’s top Catholic shrine

Young Italian woman, impregnated by priest, told to abort by the bishop, tells story of regret

Amazing Image Shows Bright Light and Sparks That Occur at Conception

“I used to call myself a karate Christian. I would go to church kicking and screaming,” he says.  Thankfully, God never let him out of his sight

Bruised but victorious over intruder, Hemet senior couple urges others to ‘be ready’

Proving Purgatory

Scientists create first human-sheep hybrids…  for organ transplantation

Emperor Conrad III Takes the Cross

Are you concerned that the Eucharist you receive might not be validly Consecrated [as when I was given a slice of cake for Communion], or whether the Priest was validly Ordained?

The Real, True Life of Jesus exists in those who live in the Divine Will, just as It does in the Eucharist.  (Link)

Chinese ‘underground’ bishop- we will accept Pope’s decision


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Struck by prayer...The hidden importance of interceding for those in the news

What Kind Of Society Condemns People For Praying After A School Shooting?

Saved by a giant bird of prey from Islamic extremists

When Satan Comes Knocking

The Bishop Barros crisis: how bad is it?

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North Korea's failed Olympians hope to avoid life-threatening consequences

Ohio man deported after 38 years in US vows return

5th child shot in Jacksonville in 2 weeks

American Airlines Employee Saves 2 Teenage Girls From Human Trafficking Plot

Thousands Call for Reinstatement of Christian Prison Chaplain Allegedly Ousted by Muslim Overseer

Italy’s poor elderly want food while the country’s migrants complain about Wi-Fi signals

The Mystery Behind A Deadly Ancient "Gate To The Underworld" Has Been Solved

Free concealed carry classes offered to teachers by Ohio sheriff in wake of Florida shooting

Fire danger to increase across US southern High Plains after extreme drought shatters 100-year-old records

Harvard Christian Group Accused of Hate for Inviting Ex-Gay Speaker to Campus

Pope backs down, OKs resignation of divisive Nigerian bishop

"Generally there is very little belief in the Church that Paul VI had the heroic virtues and therefore was truly a saint."

‘Angels Were Watching Over’ Mother Who Wandered the Woods for Days After Near-Fatal Wreck

Greek Orthodox Priest Brutally Attacked in North Carolina

How to address the Catholic clergy properly Excellent and a list of abbreviations