Self-invited curses?

The Latest: Pope says church's attackers are linked to devil  The Church would have convened a mandatory global summit had people not loudly complained for years and withheld money under a pope who enabled ongoing crimes against the faithful??

Winter Storm Petra bears down on East Coast with 200 million people in parts of 39 states in its path 

Arizona hiker, 34, recalls his horror after he was trapped in quicksand for 12 HOURS in the middle of a snow storm at Zion National Park and his girlfriend had to hike for three hours to get help

Theodore McCarrick will continue to be a Catholic priest according to professor at Holy Cross but has no privileges as such. 

Notre Dame rescinds McCarrick's honorary degree

Three Muslim converts share their sacred journeys

'It Was a Miracle'- Doctor's Near-Death Accident Brings Him to God

Catholic religious orders from around the world apologized Tuesday for having failed to respond when their priests raped children, acknowledging that their family-like communities blinded them to sexual abuse and led to misplaced loyalties, denial and cover-ups. (Link)

'I obeyed like a robot': Abuse survivor tells of predator priest

On the Cause of Queen Isabella’s (Columbus) Sainthood

Washington Post Columnist: Christians Like Mike Pence Are Bigots for Not Supporting Homosexuality

Study: Smartphone radiation 'impairs memory'. 'Make kids wait as long as possible for their 1st mobile device'

 Do you see a winged dragon in this aurora from last week?

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An Astonishing Miracle, and 10 Ways to Fall Deeper in Love with Jesus

Priest Witnesses Miracle in ER as He Brings Dead Man Back to Life (From 2016)

The Catholic Church’s Problem is Homosexuality 

Lightning’s electromagnetic fields may have a weird “healing” effect on living cells

In North Korea, There Is One Homework Assignment This Christian Wished He’d Never Done

The Saint Who Visited Hell and Came Back to Talk About It

Toward the one world religion Along with a Muslim imam pope signed a document last week that acknowledges only the need for a creator, (not a redeemer!)

In the Bible the number 70 signifies fullness, restoration, and an endpoint


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How the Gospel transformed a family practicing witchcraft

"Proof" that Democratic Party is infested with demons

Johns Hopkins Chief Psychiatrist: Transgender Is A ‘Mental Disorder’

Cdl. Burke- Pope’s declaration saying God wills ‘diversity of religions’ is ‘not correct’

Alleged sexual assault of deaf children on two continents points to Vatican failings

Catholic Church 'nowhere close' to confronting global 'epidemic' of child sex abuse by priests

Cardinal O'Malley said "I really don't know the answer" to why Francis never created the proposed tribunal to try cover-up bishops.

Vatican confirms it has a secret set of rules for priests who father children

Scientists decode white shark genome, finding cancer-protective mechanism

Here are 5 things that our body struggles to digest

China's leaders want more babies, but local officials resist