The link between greed, theft and sexual immorality

“I used to call myself a karate Christian. I would go to church kicking and screaming,” he says.  Thankfully, God never let him out of his sight

Father who forgave son for family's murder asks Texas to spare his life

Bruised but victorious over intruder, Hemet senior couple urges others to ‘be ready’

Proving Purgatory

Scientists create first human-sheep hybrids…  for organ transplantation

Emperor Conrad III Takes the Cross

Are you concerned that the Eucharist you receive might not be validly Consecrated [as when I was given a slice of cake for Communion], or whether the Priest was validly Ordained?

The Real, True Life of Jesus exists in those who live in the Divine Will, just as It does in the Eucharist.  (Link)

Chinese ‘underground’ bishop- we will accept Pope’s decision

After Losing Case, Calif. Still Trying to 'Persecute' Baker Who Refused Gay Wedding Cake

When flood waters parted to make way for the Holy Eucharist...

Teacher's Intuition During Florida School Shooting Saved the Lives of Her Entire Classroom  Thx TO

Obamacare ‘death panels’ die a quiet death – finally


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Warning signs of a diabolical spirit and how to recognize them

Witnessing 'beams' of prayer

Struck by prayer...The hidden importance of interceding for those in the news

What Kind Of Society Condemns People For Praying After A School Shooting?

Saved by a giant bird of prey from Islamic extremists

When Satan Comes Knocking

The Bishop Barros crisis: how bad is it?

Noah gets an honorable mention in last-day Bible prophecy

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Pope Francis wowed the world but, five years on, is in troubled waters

Pope backs down, OKs resignation of divisive Nigerian bishop

"Generally there is very little belief in the Church that Paul VI had the heroic virtues and therefore was truly a saint."

At least 5 killed in Russia church shooting

ISIS  claims responsibility for church shooting in Russia

After cheating death, Shreveport man returns with memories of afterlife

Miracles multiply at Bangladesh’s top Catholic shrine

‘Angels Were Watching Over’ Mother Who Wandered the Woods for Days After Near-Fatal Wreck

Greek Orthodox Priest Brutally Attacked in North Carolina

Chuck Norris solution to Florida and all other school shooting. Have armed guards at school entrances  It will greatly discourage assailants;  stop the extent of the mass murders at the site.

Sarah Palin on Florida School Shooting: ‘We Need to Discuss the Failure of the FBI,’ Not Second Amendment

Florida Gov Rick Scott Calls on FBI Director Wray to Resign After Florida Shooter Mishap

Doctors Without Borders Fires 19 Employees for Sexual Harassment and Abuse

Seattle mayor found to have abused foster son in 1984

10 Simple Google Search Tricks

How to address the Catholic clergy properly Excellent and a list of abbreviations