Warning signs of a diabolical spirit and how to recognize them

When flood waters parted to make way for the Holy Eucharist...

Photons entangled to make new form of light

Six Turkish journalists jailed for life for ‘coup links’

ICE: 90% of arrests had criminal records, 'pending' charges

Teacher's Intuition During Florida School Shooting Saved the Lives of Her Entire Classroom  Thx TO

Nikolas Cruz Says ‘Demons’ Told Him How to Execute Victims at Florida High School

School shooter Nikolas Cruz's younger brother, 17, is 'involuntarily committed to a psychiatric facility' following the massacre

Florida School Shooting: Time to Arm Teachers for Self-Defense

Obamacare ‘death panels’ die a quiet death – finally

North Carolina mom begins serving jail 7 day sentence for baptizing daughter a Catholic in contempt of court

8 straight hour of extreme energy and screaming on this Lufthansa flight by a toddler is either a demon or an extreme neurological condition.

Temperatures in Montana reservation town rise 82 DEGREES in just one day thanks to Chinook winds 

Palestine asks Vatican to defend Jerusalem’s status quo 

Court likely to withdraw charge of key accuser in Cardinal Pell abuse case


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More Minnesotans own guns, violent crime remains…

13 killed in helicopter crash after Mexican quake

Suicide bombers kill 20 at Nigerian market

Armed gangs WIPE OUT 15 villages in mass Christian slaughter in Nigeria

From North Korea to Catholicism- Mi Jin’s answered prayer

California Scrambles to Contain Infestation of 20-Pound Rodents (Nutrias). Live off of tree roots. Cause severe damage

Three days of terror on the 'cruise from hell'- Carnival Legend passengers reveal 'members of a big Italian family spent 72 hours punching guests' before they were finally kicked off the ship

How long do your cells function after death?  About 48 hours

…The supportive culture of “Christendom” has virtually disappeared… Christian life today has to be lived deeply, or else it may not be possible to live it at all.

Pope orders retired prelates to live austerely, shun power

Plenary Indulgence Available Fridays During Lent