In North Korea, There Is One Homework Assignment This Christian Wished He’d Never Done

How Holy Spirit Rescued This Porn Star From the Sex Industry

How Trump plans to pay for his wall with a national emergency

Pope John Paul II, Cdl. Sarah & Cdl. Müller on Francis, the "Silent Apostasy" & Religious Indifferentism Short and incisive

Papal envoy to France under investigation for sex  crimes

Cardinal Cupich expects 'significant progress' at sex abuse summit

Butte priest caught in I-90 avalanche saved in Montana

New Jersey Pedophile Priests Scandal: How to Search List of Accused Clergy

All attempts at a rational, politically negotiated solution have all ended badly for the Temple Mount. All concerned should reference prophetic sources which describe in great detail and accurately the end-of-days Temple Mount events

G-d made clothing for man. And, clothing makes the man Neither the discovery of fire nor farming nor building houses was revealed to man by G-d. Rather, he was required to invent all these procedures on his own. Only clothing was given to him from Above. “And, the L-rd … made garments.” The Lord was very particular about priestly garments. Not wearing them during service was a capital offense

Another new book says Vatican houses world’s largest gay community?

Eighty per cent of Vatican priests are gay according to explosive new book which claims to uncover double lives of homophobic priests who use male prostitutes

L.A. city council: Contractors must reveal ties to NRA. 'This is modern day McCarthyism, and no judge will let it stand'

A gunman shot and killed his wife at a dentist’s office in Tennessee Wednesday morning. Armed bystander shot the gunman, detained him and waited for police to arrive

We need babies There’s no example in history of a shrinking society experiencing long-term prosperity

Bear gets picked up by N.C. garbage truck

Man recreates 'Mona Lisa' in backyard snow

When it comes to prayer, there is no room for individualism, pope says That is his opinion, not Spirit-Digest's. This statement is completely contrary to millions who have had a conversion or a private personal miracle. Comforter and consoler to every person in the world is a attribute of ONLY almighty God. Those who do not have a deep relationship with God and nourish it. with sincere, frequent, prayer are going to have a tough time in the dark days ahead. 

How did Joseph & Mary meet Before getting married?

20 page newspaper $2.50

The Saint Who Visited Hell and Came Back to Talk About It

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Toward the one world religion Along with a Muslim imam pope signed a document last week that acknowledges only the need for a creator, (not a redeemer!)

In the Bible the number 70 signifies fullness, restoration, and an endpoint.

Amazing examples from historical Israel which also point to these times as end times Defense Against the Devil: Priest Offers Keys to Spiritual Protection

Doctor Commands Family to Pray In the Face of Fatal Prognosis

The Sadness of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito 2019 How she showed (the archbishop) that she is committed to staying with her faithful

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times


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Pope Francis names Cardinal Kevin Farrell camerlengo (Farrell, a McCarrick protege, shared a home with McCarrick in DC)

Critic express consternation over pope's selection of new chamberlain

Arizona man charged with cold case murders as DNA from 1997 rape connects him to killing of 3 other women at truck stops in Ohio and Illinois

California man receives 12 years in prison for starting wildfire

Michigan woman wins three KENO! jackpots in same day

More Than 1,000 Scientists Worldwide Sign ‘Dissent From Darwinism’

Unearthing of historical fact—absolutely proves the biblical record. It shows that the Bible can be counted on to a greater degree than any other history book to show the true events of history. Of course, this is not the only field of science that continually proves God’s existence—but it is one that continues to demonstrate the perfect record of the Holy Bible and its authority as a reliable and inspired document  Spectacular examples at link

8 Women Christian Men Should Never Marry

The dangers of happy children?  Great alternative to the Annual Catholic Appeal

Cosby says he's a 'political prisoner,' has 'no remorse' over sex assault convictions

Preying in church: Confronting sexual offenders who come to church

World-renowned artist of portraits was a spiritual child of Padre Pio, grew up in San Giovanni Rotondo, and was encouraged in his vocation by the saint. He claimed he owed everything to Padre Pio: career, family, children, success . . . and even his life    Read his amazing story

God blinded eyes of police in restricted Middle East country

Lay Catholics' grievance against Chicago archbishop

Cupich's shocking faithlessness detailed

Slippery slope Involuntary Euthanasia of 34 Elderly Patients in Ohio Catholic Hospitals Unreported

Food banks burst with food normally exported to China

What the apparition of ‘Our Lady of America’ reportedly said about the U.S. in 1956

The bishop of Bergamo, Italy reverses prohibition against devotions to Mary as Queen of the Family yesterday