Doctor Commands Family to Pray In the Face of Fatal Prognosis 

Revisting the 70th miracle of Lourdes declared supernatural last year

My unexpected miracle at Lourdes

Five of the most beautiful Catholic sculptures of all time

The villagers who took on a navy to get back their island homes

Babies Raised In Bilingual Homes Develop Sharper Attention Skills Faster

Jail nurse allegedly poisoned husband to marry inmate

German Bishop Shifts Position, Calls for Church to Rethink Teachings on Homosexuality  (Link from pro-gay website)

From Russia without love

Asia Bibi acquitted of blasphemy after spending eight years on death row still unable to leave the country to join her daughters Canada

20 page newspaper $2.50

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The Sadness of Our Lady of Good Success in Quito 2019 How she showed (the archbishop) that she is committed to staying with her faithful

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times

Cardinal Muller issues Manifesto: A quasi correction of Pope Francis’ pontificate to remind Catholics of the tenants of their faith amid exploding confusion.
Does not mention pope but intent is clear

Another Dubium is Launched For the Pope to Answer

Troubling signs that Satanism is infiltrating Catholic Church

Severely disabled child healed in womb after prayer and mother's refusal to abort him

Terrorists gathered with accelerant to burn down church and congregation but converted on the spot after Jesus appears in the flames with an ultimatum

Is the Hierarchy Really Serious About the Abuse Crisis?

Biblical proof that current age is End Times by examining the 7,000 year plan of God
Comment: Instead of the “Rapture”  all will be caught up to meet the Lord in the “illumination of consciences” Purification essential before a thousand years of peace

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Stunning report of sexual assault (700 cases), in Baptist churches

Cheese through the ages

The Catholic Church can root out sexual abuse. But does it have the will to act?

Nearly 100 children dead as world's 2nd-largest Ebola outbreak surpasses 800 cases

Some 42 million Latin Americans say they want to move to the US - and 5 million plan to do so WITHIN 12 months, new Gallup poll shows  (Yes, this in an emergency)

Top Dem- Border funding become 'ego negotiation'

Average Adult Commits 8 ‘Financial Failures’ A Month, Averaging 315, Survey Finds

FBI seeking to covertly create national DNA database and you help create it if you use DNA analysis services  (No link)