Did Eagles have God on their side?
Team experienced Christian revival before winning Super Bowl

Illinois- Citizens protest school homework claiming Christians, Muslims and Jews all believe in same God

A prison chaplain in the U.K. who has been helping prisoners for 19 years said he was forced out of his position last year after an Islamic imam accused him of preaching "extreme" Christian beliefs

Leo XIII Sides With Trump Against Socialist Democrats

NFL player killed by twice-deported illegal

Cape Town braces for civil unrest over water

Man carrying concealed pistol stops attack on Utah police officer

The Most Miraculous Medical Recoveries of 2017

NYC School Cancels Father-Daughter Dance to Comply With New Gender Guidelines

Multinational companies continue to produce unregulated antibiotics in India

Vaccines save 20 million lives, $350 billion in poor countries since 2001

Vaccines have enormous impact not just on health, but on keeping people out of poverty

Scientists discover plants can be put to 'sleep' by the same anesthetics used on humans during surgery

The Escalating War Against Orthodox Catholicism

Man survives drifting in Atlantic for 16 days

2 children found stabbed to death in Mass. home

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Islamic monotheism differs profoundly from Jewish monotheism. Islam’s deity, Allah, is absolutely transcendent. He is pure will without personality. Why your God cannot possibly be Allah

Trial finally begins for nanny accused of killing 2 kids back in 2012

Child armed with gun attempts to rob crowded grocery store

Moscow is blanketed by the HEAVIEST snowfall in 100 years as 17 inches of the white stuff and bone-chilling 10F lows sees 100 cars CRUSHED by falling trees 

Pope was made aware of Chile abuse ‘cover up’ in 2015, says Irish survivor

Denmark practicing selective genocide. This arrogant, evil nation has decided who should live and who has no right to life

Planned Parenthood worker quit after aborting quadruplets

Islamic Republic of Iran has now tortured 11 freedom demonstrators to death

Turin Archdiocese to offer lessons in ‘faithfulness’ to gay couples, have them sleep together in ‘retreat’

Approval of Blessings for Homosexual Couples Equivalent to Founding a New Church

World Net Daily editorial blasts the pope's China decision as "pure evil"

India: Ebola-like disease (symptoms) linked to monkeys driven out of forests

U.S. city to experiment with ‘universal basic income’ a new freebie with cash instead of food stamps

Seven evil spirits came out of Muslim woman with loud shrieks

The new anti-rape pants being sold to women in Germany SELL OUT immediately, as fears of being raped by Muslim refugees skyrockets

Teen,  boyfriend sentenced for killing grandparents

Serial killer landscaper's methods closely paralleled those in Stephen King novel