Eight Major Studies of Identical Twins Prove  Homosexuality Is Not Genetic

Catholic College Students Resources and Scholarships

Stocks plunge 666 points.  Biggest lost in 2 years

Sisters Separated for 47 Years Meet for the First Time: 'She'll Never Get Away From Me Again!'

Saudi blogger: ‘The Palestinians can go to hell, they betrayed the Arab world’

IDF attacks Hamas outpost in response to rocket fire

Assad Threatens: One More Attack From IDF, And I’ll Launch A Missile At Ben Gurion Airport

US troops arrive for drill simulating massive missile attack on Israel

38-year-old man accused of abusing kids says he’s a 9-year-old ‘trapped’ in an adult’s body

Why males are biology's riskier sex: Sperm in males accumulates many more mutations

Those who had blessed objects in their homes were not affected by Harvey floods, while neighbors were not spared

Powerful 7 Sundays devotion to St. Joseph

He found calling as priest, but first he answered call to fight in Korea

Pro-LGBT material deleted from World Meeting of Families booklet after LifeSiteNews report

20.8 million prescription painkillers sent to West Virginia town with population of 2,900

Mass Graves of Rohingya Refugees Discovered in Myanmar Reveal Shocking Horror of Faces Burned by Acid

Joy, grief and a handwritten letter bring two La. families together

jesus knocking

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How can this possibly be a pastoral action shepherding the Chinese Catholics?

The sacred journey of the N.K. defector who limped 6,000 miles to freedom on one leg

Homosexuals lash out at prayer as ultimate conversion

Could You Have Loved This Much?

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Last supper on rose petal

Psychic Abilities and Mystical Experiences

Picture of the Blessed Mother appears on the bed of a nun in Ethiopia  

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Drought deepens dramatically in Southern California

Chuck Norris suing CBS and Sony for $30m over Walker Texas Ranger cash Top Kick productions has not received a cent since 2004 in violation of contract.

Fed- No more growth for Wells Fargo until it shapes up (Unprecedented warning)

Italian Teen Girl Killed and Chopped Into Pieces, Nigerian Migrant Arrested

Cancer from cellphones- New studies say no need to hang up

Goose falls from sky, knocks hunter unconscious after he shoots it out of the sky

3,000 Indian women widowed by tiger attacks

How Muslims  weaponizing our own constitution against us

Vatican's delicate China mission in trouble

“The Devil’s Bible”: The legend of the monk who sold his soul

Fidel Castro's son has killed himself

Exodus- Users Spending 50 Million Fewer Hours per Day on Facebook

John Bosco's dream of two moons

Faith Prayer Answered- Family Cries Out to God, Immediately Receive New Heart for Gravely Ill Son Just in Time

News 2 Boys Who Fell Through Thin Ice Trying to Get a Closer Look at Ducks Begin to Pray – Get Miraculous Answer

Popular Christian evangelist dies shortly after asking for prayers

Reality for Christians in the End Times

St. Hyacintha of Mariscotti, Franciscan Saint

Blood test finds toxic Alzheimer’s proteins