Biblical proof that current age is End Times by examining the 7,000 year plan of God

Comment: Instead of “the Rapture”  all will be caught up to meet the Lord in the “illumination of consciences”
Purification essential before a thousand years of peace

The Democratic Virginia delegate who sponsored a bill in the Virginia House of Delegates kill babies  up to 40 weeks old, is also the chief patron of a bill that protecting the lives of “fall cankerworms

Virginia governor apologizes for racist 1984 yearbook photo

French priest gets light sentence for raping children, huge embezzlement

'The devil jumped into the Catholic Church': Dallas-area parishes react to 'credibly accused' list

Brazilian faith healer who 'abused 600 women' is now accused of running BABY farms where girls were raped to produce infants to be sold to childless couples for $52,000, and were then murdered after 10 years of giving birth

More accusers reveal sex abuse by Michael Jackson

Reports of a meteor strike in Cuba  Rare tornado last week followed by this?

China buys U.S. soybeans a day after trade talks

Vianney St. Louis High School Teacher Resigns After Horrible Attacks on Covington High School Pro-Life Children

India Supreme Court leaves a sister of Mother Teresa in jail for child trafficking with no formal charges

Top US cardinal removed priest day before Texas abuse list issued

Vatican magazine denounces sexual abuse of nuns by priests

Advanced AI system converts brain signals into speech   Soon to read your thoughts?

New mom praised for giving up twins at California fire house, ‘no questions asked’  Also given info how to get them back. She has two weeks.

St. Thomas Aquinas' Five Remedies for Sorrow .

After intense crowd prayers Bethel Worship leader's children have health restored shocking doctors

5 Red Flags for Christians Blinded by Romance

Nearly half of US adults have heart or blood vessel disease

Forget Global Warming, Real Concern is Geomagnetic Shifting


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Teen Experiences Sudden Healing at the March for Life

One saint after another has declared that the devil’s principal target on earth is the Catholic priest. Examples show that it is a spiritual battle begging for a spiritual response

The Miracles That Made Mother Teresa a Saint

Demons can attach to people, and people can bring demons home with them. This is how some houses become haunted -- that is, infested with demons.

Was this the REAL Trump prophecy?

He called to God and was able to survive 6 days trapped on a ledge in a freezing Utah canyon after his brother fell to his death

Spiritual Protection Made Easy



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Padre Pio and the Angels

Then 2 angels appeared

Guardian Angel at the train station

Asia Bibi 'United' With Family in Canada After Fleeing Pakistan

Pakistan- After Friday prayers, 1000s of Muslims violently protest freeing of Asia Bibi, cops use tear gas, batons

Judge rules against Chilean cardinal’s bid to dismiss abuse cover-up charge

Catholic churches disrupted, suppressed in Chinese diocese

Miraculous Image of Blessed Mother Holding Baby Appears in Pregnancy Sonogram

Tech startup will use pioneering radar to guard skies at Super Bowl

Twice-excommunicated bishop (Williamson) loses appeal of hate speech conviction

Saginaw Bishop Axes Priest for Promoting Tradition

Despite international disapproval, Lebanon forms government with Hezbollah

Inland Empire, (California Riverside and San Bernardino Counties  was dumping ground for abusive priests, law firm claims as it releases exhaustive list of 84

What it means to be a laicized priest in the Catholic Church

Japan earthquake, tsunami fears heighten after oarfish sightings but scientists say it’s not a bad omen. Legend has it that when oarfish rise to shallow waters, disaster is near. But scientists say there has been no reports of increased seismic activity in recent weeks  Rubbish---there have been numerous EQs days ago...Google it.

Contemplating the holy face

Money found at home of armored-car driver- Police

The incredible prophecy of the destruction of Egypt's Aswan Dam (biblical Syene) which will leave North Africa and Egypt flooded and uninhabitable for 40 years