The sacred journey of the N.K. defector who limped 6,000 mile to freedom on one leg

Ancient prophecy: Convergence of lunar eclipse wth Tu B'Shvat signals end of Ishmael's tyranny over the Temple Mount 

What is Tu B' Shvat?

Kabbalist- Rare Astronomical Confluence On Holiday Is Bad Omen For Arab Nations because blood moon will not be seen in Israel but will be seen in all its neighboring Arab states. The eclipsed moon has portents for nations who use a lunar calendar. This includes Israel whose liturgical calendar is moon based...but the eclipse misses them by minutes.

Hamas co-founder dies after accidentally shooting himself in the head face Above prophecy unfolding

After Trump offers to 'welcome the stranger' 1.8 million times, U.S. Bishops call plan 'inhumane, disproportionate, and unjust'

The State of the Union stats don't lie- Americans are turning against Trump-hating celebrities and buying into the President's American dream - THAT'S a nightmare for Democrats

Number of Married Couples With Kids Hit 56-Year Low

Substituting pets for children. This is what is wrong with America

UnitedHealth, CVS plunge on Bezos, Buffett and Dimon plan to improve US healthcare

Will the new insurance company disrupt the market?

Amazing Spirit Daily story of evil in our homes  (a must read)

A lost wallet turns into an opportunity to help a woman in need

Los Angeles Priest Suspected of Inappropriate Contact With Multiple Women and Girl Is Removed From Parish

Fargo Diocese says priest attacked on church property

Guardian angel stays by injury victim until help arrives

This litany summarizes perfectly the different roles our Guardian Angel has in our lives.

Jim Caviezel says ‘Passion of the Christ’ sequel will be ‘biggest film in history’

Mind-blowing plot to sexually confuse America’s little ones

Past Headlines

Homosexuals lash out at prayer as ultimate conversion

Could You Have Loved This Much?

Holy Holograms

Last supper on rose petal

Psychic Abilities and Mystical Experiences

Picture of the Blessed Mother appears on the bed of a nun in Ethiopia  

Supernatural Confirmations Of Jesus' Soon Return!

Understanding Exorcism: The Fine Points 

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North Korean defector 'deeply moved' at SOTU

Unusual storm, not tropical, dropped over 27 inches of rain in northern Australia Not thought possible since storm did not form over water.

Blood red river in Russia; searching for cause

Morocco paralyzed by snow fall

Man carrying a metal cylinder killed in India after being drawn into MRI machine by powerful magnetic field

Ireland’s openly lesbian Minister for Children denies unborn children are human

Nine-year-old girl who Trump asked the nation to pray for has 'amazing' recovery after risky brain surgery

Vitamin D is an 'inexpensive solution' to heart drugs find scientists as they reveal the sunshine supplement can repair and prevent the damage caused by diabetes and high blood pressure

Justice vistis: Texas to execute man who murdered his two daughters to hurt his wife

John Kelly to California teacher who bashed military: 'Go to hell'

O’Malley and Chaput make a Super Bowl wager

How this app could steal your face to make porn Remember this when you put your image and those of relatives all over the www

Ontario court forces Christian pro-life doctors to refer patients for euthanasia

Former Delaware Catholic priest charged in 25-year-old rape of a child

He found calling as priest, but first he answered call to fight in Korea

Significant rise in marriage annulment requests 

Controversial sign outside a Baptist church in Indiana advising people to stop sexual harassment by "wearing clothes" removed

Truth behind 5 popular weight loss supplement

Woman's change of heart brings out her inner guardian angel

The story of Pope John Paul II and the mysterious homeless man