The Miracles That Made Mother Teresa a Saint

Cardinal Farrell, whose job is to implement it, glows over 'Amoris laetitia', speaks about roommate McCarrick

UK priest finally jailed after decades of molesting altar boys in front of their unsuspecting parents

Asia Bibi is now free to leave Pakistan and join her daughters in Canada after more than eight years of prison and detention. The Islamic country’s highest court has just upheld its acquittal of Bibi, clearing her of all charges of blasphemy. Bibi spent eight years on death row, falsely accused of insulting Islam. Even though she was acquitted last October, her life has been in danger from radical Muslims, so she hadn’t been freed yet.

Faithful Irish priest withholds communion from pro-death politician

OB/GYNs, Nurses Speak Out Against NY Abortion Law: It Is Never Necessary to Kill Baby for Health, Life of Mother

Msgr. Pope and canonist Ed Peters on NY Gov. Cuomo- “It is time to end the charade”

Strange warning issued as Midwest’s polar vortex, sub-zero temperatures claim first lives

Hospitals check to see if patients are donor-worthy - not their organs, but wallets...while they are inpatients, then give them extra amenities hoping for a donation

Hospital charges thousands to man who fainted right after a flu shot, a  known, minor side effect.  Lessons learned for the future: Don't call the paramedics unless it's serious.

Best Buy offers job back to suspect-tackling guard

Some People Really Are Victims of Bad Family Policies

Suicides among veterinarians become a growing problem

Satanic prayer hotline started as joke receives multiple calls asking for prayer

Abortion is satanic worship

Student died after eating leftover pasta in rare food poisoning case (Refrigeration of the dish would have prevented this) 


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Demons can attach to people, and people can bring demons home with them. This is how some houses become haunted -- that is, infested with demons.

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“People will not put up with sound doctrine any longer, and so they heap up for themselves teachers to tell them what they want to hear, to soothe their itching ears.”  ---2nd Timothy

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Young mom takes fatal fall down NY Midtown subway station stairs while carrying baby daughter in stroller

Las Vegas massacre gunman was inspired by father, FBI says

Georgia pastor loses 2 teenage sons in crash, says he’s keeping faith in God anyway

Trump praises Bible literacy classes in schools amid legislative proposals in states

6 Examples of Real Life Miracles

Case of murdered faithful Milwaukee priest with radio talk show unsolved but homicide investigation still open. .

As the term applies, a victim of perfect possession is absolutely controlled by evil and gives no outward indication, no hint whatsoever, of the demonic residing within. He or she will not cringe, as others who are possessed will, at the sight of religious symbols as a crucifix or a Rosary.  Link

Poor sleep at night, more pain the next day

The miracle method for sustainable rice – and bigger harvests

Florida man, 23, who was bitten by a 9ft CROCODILE after jumping into an enclosure at a zoo while 'high' is sentenced to a year in jail

Israeli scientists may have found a way to treat all cancers showing great promise

Cancer cure shows great promise but mountainous testing and repeatability studies await with human trials. Critics warn we will probably NEVER have ONE single cure

New Mexico man 'rapes three children in a week' after being released on bail TWICE by the same judge then going on the run

The Pedophile in the Pulpit- How a Respected Protestant Pastor Abused Hundreds of Children for 40 Years, and No One Knew