Could You Have Loved This Much?

Amazing Spirit Daily story of evil in our homes  (a must read)

New details about California child horror

Miracle of hail biblical proportions bring relief of South Africa

New professions to religious life in US- older, more likely foreign-born

NJ School Sued for Showing Islamic Video Praising Muhammad for Killing Christians

63M girls missing due to India's boy preference

Scientists Develop New Method to Create Stem Cells Without Killing Human Embryos

The safest country for women in continental Europe is Poland

Parents are making their children drink bleach to 'cure' them of autism

‘Jackpotting’ hackers steal over $1 million from ATMs across U.S.: Secret Service

Small plane with no engine power makes perfect landing on California freeway on Sunday night (very busy time)

'Champions of the Rosary'

While complaining that “Palestinians” will starve because of Trump’s cuts, PA buys President Abbas $50,000,000 private jet

Pope Francis: Where Mary is, ‘the devil does not enter’

China Monkey Cloning Provokes Vatican Warning

Babies pack a punch in the womb

Invitation for Fr. James Martin to speak rescinded after pressure mounted from faithful Catholics

“But out of ten underage refugees, seven are behaving according to this destructive pattern: that’s the reality.”

Germany- Migrant crime is totally out of control in Berlin  

last supper on rose petal
Last supper on rose petal

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Picture of the Blessed Mother appears on the bed of a nun in Ethiopia  

Supernatural Confirmations Of Jesus' Soon Return!

Understanding Exorcism: The Fine Points 

Divine Mercy for Lost Souls

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Pope sends sex crimes expert to Chile to investigate bishop

Pope Francis missteps (editorial prior to above)

Kabbalist- Rare Astronomical Confluence On Holiday Is Bad Omen For Arab Nations because blood moon will not be seen in Israel but will be seen in all its neighboring Arab states.

CDC update on flu activity

The flu can be spread just by breathing, new study finds

Deadly protests grip Sudan over rising bread prices

Scrapping the Bail System is a Bad Idea

Pope Denounces Holocaust ‘Indifference’ Amid Polish Uproar

Israel Demands Poland Reverse Law Outlawing Mention of ‘Polish Death Camps’

Homeless Man Given Requiem Mass Burial at the Vatican

Young couple contracts hookworms in feet at Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) beach resort

Canadian landscaper possibly a serial killer faces 5 murder counts after bodies found in planters

A mag 6.2 – Russia rocks the Pacific ring again! It’s now 6 major quakes and 6 extremely active volcanoes in the last 7 days

After papal meeting, Cardinal Zen says Vatican ‘selling out’ Church in China

Nuns, guns and the Wild West: the extraordinary tale of Sr. Blandina

Hollywood attorney makes divorce easier with an online service

Charities are  obsessed with 'chasing celebrity patrons' rather than helping people

Vandals set LA Catholic church on fire

78 Dinners to Love During Lent—That Aren’t Fish

You Need These 7 Things to Make This Your Holiest Lent Yet

Breathtaking Visions of Earth: Outdoor Photographer of the Year