Supernatural Confirmations Of Jesus' Soon Return!


Franklin Graham warns of deep state coup against President Trump

Gunmen in Brazil kill many at party

‘Doomsday Clock’ Now 2 Minutes to Midnight

The Disgusting Thing 'Shape of Water' Reveals About Our Culture

Our church’s dramatic Lenten service needed a showstopper. Boy did we get one

Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic: I'm Not an Atheist, I've Seen 10-Foot Tall Demons in My Hotel Room

Fr. James Martin promotes iconographer of “gay saints”

Breathtaking Visions of Earth: Outdoor Photographer of the Year

Heaven-Sent Help to Pay Their Baby’s Bills

The Islamization of Oslo

Belgians say their country is being invaded- 74% see Islam as an intolerant religion

Germany: Three Muslim migrants sexually assault mother with toddler in stroller

21-year-old with Down syndrome builds successful business with his father

Cardinal Zen hand-delivers plea to Pontiff- recognize threat to Chinese Church

Mary's image on nun's bedspread
Picture of the Blessed Mother appears on the bed of a nun in Ethiopia

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Webmaster notes on headline. The major events took place in 1993. Add 40 years and you get sometime around 2033. 40 because it, and multiples, are  a time of "testing" and "trial" in the Bible. 400 years of Hebrew captivity, 40 years in the wilderness, 4,000 years since Israel crossed the Gulf of Aqaba into Arabia, and so forth.

This also makes it 2,000 years since Jesus' sacrifice, 15 years from now.  IMO, we are about 15 years away from Christ's return which may occur on a new moon feast in the Fall. It could be Rosh Hashanah, a required biblical feast, the Jewish new year, but also a day of judgment when names are written in heaven's Book of Life.  It is a day that "no man knows the day or the hour". This is because no one knows exactly when the new moon will be barely sighted to start the new year feast.

No date-setter has been correct yet.  The signs are all around us. The latest being the total eclipse of Catholic doctrine by Pope Francis, the last pope.

There is a lot of suffering  and refinement of the human soul we must endure before the Lord returns including the rise of the evil one whom Israel will recognize as their messiah.

Lab-Confirmed Flu Virus Linked to Imminent Risk for Acute MI

Abortion Clinic Staffer Experiences Nightmares of Aborted Babies Asking “Why Did You Do This to Me?”

Satanic Temple Sues to End Missouri Pro-Life Laws

Mother of Andrea Bocelli Reveals She Refused to Abort the World-Famous Opera Singer When She was Pregnant with Him

German bishops decide against changing the ‘Our Father’

Man Fired by UK Government Body For Saying There Are “Only Two Genders” on Facebook

A new gel could help in the fight against deadly, drug-resistant superbugs