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Boy, 10, wins science fair by proving Tom Brady a cheater

Missing Carolina 3 y.o. found alive after 3 days in freezing weather,  stuck in thorn bushes, calling for this mother

Shocking photos reveal how a con-man sailor left hatches open and smashed holes in the hull to intentionally sink his yacht and drown his new wife on their Caribbean honeymoon to inherit her estate 

Schumer blocks bill to pay Coast Guard

White House Drafting National Emergency Proclamation To Include $7B For Border Wall

Amanda Knox wins damages from Italy

2 dead, 2 critical after shooting near Penn State

Shocking Left Wing American Franciscan Catholic Priest calls March For Life repulsive 

Ted Bundy killed at least 5 Wasatch Front teenagers as he went to law school and became a Mormon

Three priests in the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi were removed from ministry, and one was incarcerated Link

Former pastor-priest  of Chicago, Waukegan parishes cleared of sexual misconduct allegation

Carbon footprint or what?

Acetaminophen dulls the senses that makes people emotionless and uncaring

Models of Purity- St. Thomas Aquinas’s Devotion to St. Agnes

Trans couple allow 5-y-o son to identify as a girl to be UK's first 2-gen trans family

After 'illumination of conscience in Medjugorje irresponsible man called to the priesthood


'Barbarism' prompts Catholic lay leaders' demand to excommunicate New York governor

One World Trade Center Lit Up in Pink to Celebrate NY Infanticide

New York Abortion Law Worse Than Pharaoh

Pro-life obstetrician blasts New York’s ‘horrible’ new abortion law

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Itching Ears that Hate the Truth

“People will not put up with sound doctrine any longer, and so they heap up for themselves teachers to tell them what they want to hear, to soothe their itching ears.”  ---2nd Timothy

Beautiful portraits of centenarians show what joy looks like around the world This is where you want to be headed on Earth  Very special

3 biblical truths about God's anger

Three required feasts ("convocations") of the Lord demanded of all male Jews may pinpoint the birth and death of the Lord
Webmaster note: Really like the information on the Feast of Tabernacles..Disagree on explanation on the Feast of First Fruits which is always Nisan 17. Dying on Nisan 14 Christ was in the tomb 3 full days and 3 full nights. "Sabbath" was a term used for the weekly holy day of worship as well as some high holy feast days, similar to our generic use of the term "holiday". The same restrictions about limited activity applied. Thus, the Feast of Unleavened Bread was considered a "Sabbath".  This notation is the only way you can have the Resurrection 3 full days later.

Personal Accountability—A Requirement for Life Advancement

Amazing prophecies about Jerusalem's Eastern Gate

A cross is now visible on the center circle on the floor of the US Capitol Rotunda

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Trump says he'll sign bill to reopen the government for three weeks

9 People with Down syndrome who are changing the world

In the year 2000, Mother of 7 wanted her baby so much she performed a C-section on herself and is believed to be the one of only five cases in which both the mother and baby survived

110 Migrants Climbing Outdated Border Fence Caught on Camera

Sarah Sanders on Media Attacks on Covington School Children- “I’ve Never Seen People So Happy to Destroy a Kid’s Life”

Sunday morning mass to end at Chicago’s second-oldest Catholic church

Felony charges for Indiana school leader who used her insurance to help sick student

Moscow warns US against intervention in Venezuela as Maduro clings on to power amid protests

US pulls diplomats, families from Venezuela 

Esperanza: "It starts in Venezuela"

Supreme Court agrees to hear first gun rights case in a decade

Jayme Closs to receive $25,000 in reward money for rescuing herself

Why is it that the Saint Michael Prayer has been abandoned by so many?   Thx PM

Is Francis saying the Argentinian President & Legislator are "Crazy" because they are Banning Criminal Immigrants & want a Wall?