Three required feasts ("convocations") of the Lord demanded of all male Jews may pinpoint the birth and death of the Lord

Webmaster note: Really like the information on the Feast of Tabernacles..Disagree on explanation on the Feast of First Fruits which is always Nisan 17. Dying on Nisan 14 Christ was in the tomb 3 full days and 3 full nights. "Sabbath" was a term used for the weekly holy day of worship as well as some high holy feast days. The same restrictions about limited activity applied. Thus the Feast of Unleavened Bread was considered a "Sabbath".  This notation is the only way you can have the Resurrection 3 full days later.

A weekend to forget: A Mount Carmel altar boy's story of clergy abuse

Two patients die after contracting pigeon droppings infection at hospital in Glasgow  The first thing that comes to mind is Cryptococcus, (a fungus)..and it is...

Winter Storm Harper changes course and intensifies as it moves from Midwest to Northeast bringing snow and strong winds to New York on Saturday evening

Harper causing tornadoes in Alabama

Reckless and rebellious Prince Philip Mountbatten, 97, is back behind the wheel of a new Land Rover ALONE, without a seatbelt on a public road – as mother who broke her wrist when he crashed into last week  says he has NOT apologized...Has been warned about not wearing a seat belt by the local police

China set to post slowest growth in 28 years in 2018, more stimulus seen

New Jersey priest arrested after sex abuse hotline call

Macron To Make Military Service MANDATORY For 16-year-olds in France Fine idea.

Apple and other tech giants protect pedophiles and porn but aggressively ban pro-America conservatives as part of insane speech “crackdown”

Magnitude 6.7 quake hits Chile's coast

A California pastor lost his church earlier this month when the congregation took issue with him for standing on biblical truth about homosexuality. Pastor Justin Hoke had a straightforward and blunt message for the northern California community of Yreka. The message board outside his church read: “Bruce Jenner is still a man. Homosexuality is still sin. The culture may change. The Bible does not.” “We’ve not been left here, beloved, to hide our light under a basket, to hide our light under a bed. Love warns. It is hatred, it is selfishness which conceals truth.”  Link

Only 150K registered for World Youth Day next week

Small, well-funded LGBT group to challenge Catholic teaching at World Youth Day Panama

Nepal earthquake: Waiting for the complete rupture = EQ 8+

Acid-burned priest describes attack’s horrific aftermath

Three-quarters of doctors feel burnout, experts call it a public health crisis

Kerala rape case: Protesting nuns refuse to leave convent; claim transfer order designed to alienate survivor, drive her to suicide

A cross is now visible on the center circle on the floor of the US Capitol Rotunda

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Personal Accountability—A Requirement for Life Advancement

Amazing prophecies about Jerusalem's Eastern Gate

What will happen when Earth's north and south poles flip  

Institutional betrayal darkens the doors of every Catholic Church

10 years after Hudson River landing of Flight 1549, 'Sully' describes 'how all the pieces which must come together' came together 'Miracle'

For ‘Miracle’ flight survivors, a decade of thankfulness

During college professor’s near-death experience, he saw portals leading to heaven and hell

Today, he stands unscathed and with no markings of that injury due  to the miraculous intercession of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and which might lead to Frassati’s canonization  

A third of US Catholics think priests are not honest or ethical

NY Gov. Cuomo- No budget unless abortion made legal for any reason until birth

The wall, politics and the Bible

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Total lunar eclipse meets supermoon tonight

Pope puts Sistine choir under aide after scandal

Rare case of inappropriate contact between nuns. On Thursday when the story broke, the nun in question resigned

Judge rules against elderly lesbians rejected from retirement home

Trump proposes deal on immigration, Pelosi calls shutdown offer a "non-starter"

Vatican archbishop writes book on life after death

Gunman kills estranged wife, wounds daughter at Houston Catholic parish parking lot

Iranian who once chanted ‘Death to Israel’ found Jesus, love for the Jews

Massive fireball at Mexico pipeline tap kills at least 66 people
More than 85 other people on Saturday were listed as missing

Drew Brees leads the Saints by faithful example

NFL playoff teams include more than 50 Jesus followers

Priest gets jail (60days) for groping seminary student at local San Diego bar

The day Padre Pio appeared to Pius XI The Pope appeared ready to decide in favor of the suspension of Padre Pio a divinis, when suddenly there occurred “the most amazing charismatic episode that can be found in the lives of the saints.”

Many patients report they are allergic to penicillin but few have clinically significant reactions

Anti-vax movement among top 10 global health threats for 2019

Reader explains how the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart are in serious error, sin, and need canonical direction Thx PM

Train camera captures near-misses due to signal malfunctions

Study- Soft drinks, exercise, hot temps increase risk for kidney disease