Demonic Infestation

Lay people may exorcise objects but not people. Get the manual here

Pope shocks Chile by accusing sex abuse victims of calumny

Pope marries flight attendant couple mid-flight

Pope Francis was booed and  pelted with a newspaper in Chile

4 essential home cleaning hacks from Good Housekeeping

52 die as flames engulf bus in former Soviet state of Kazakhstan

Grandparents reveal details about 13 starved and tortured siblings

"World first" rescue of stranded swimmers by drone

Missile alert prompts Hawaii bishop to give rare ‘general absolution’

A nearly full-size replica of Noah’s ark broke free of its moorings in the Netherlands last week, drifting in the storm-tossed harbor and colliding with other vessels. ..

St. Charbel: All the Forces of Evil are Focused on Destroying the Family  Thx TO

International court orders 16 countries to ignore their laws and allow gay ‘marriage’

This is the No. 1 food to avoid at buffets at all costs, according to a restaurant owner

The Church of Satan promoting sex robots to save our society

Switzerland Outlaws Boiling Lobsters Because They Feel Pain, Aborting Babies Still Okay

He Forgot His Phone In A Coffee Shop And It Changed A Stranger’s Life


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The Holy Spirit and the hidden powers of kindness

Never Give Up On Prayer For the Departed

Francis Houle: A middle-class husband and father from Michigan … and a stigmatic

Medical doctor’s heart attack led to near-death experience in heaven

Beautiful Ice And Snow Formations That Looks Like Art

Islamic Converts Ask Pope in Open Letter To Change His Teaching on Islam

"Okay Lord. I'm going to trust you. You said you would be my husband Please provide for us...

5 True, Old-Fashioned Christmas Miracles

In his medical notes about the visit, he wrote "delusions of ghost in home"

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Scientists trying to create permanent, universal, influenza vaccine which last at least 5 years

8 Secret acts of kindness that anyone can do

Kindness Is Not the Same as Love

How a 7-year-old is taking care of the homeless in his neighborhood

Asylum seekers repeatedly rape a 52-year-old disabled woman in Austria

Germany- Bloody horror as teenager stabbed by Muslim migrant in train stop attack

Off the hook- Terrifying moment fishermen dive into river water just seconds before huge speedboat smashes into their vessel 

Growing California almonds takes more than half of US honeybees

A Word from Humility Experts

The bizarre coincidence of two false alarms announcing the start of nuclear war is certainly suspicious How about prescient?

How St. Anthony the Abbot defeated the devil

Professor at Jesuit Creighton University claims Amoris Laetitia proves gay sex is not a sin

Canon lawyer calls for Amoris Laetitia’s 8th chapter to be ‘withdrawn’ on EWTN show

Doctors Will Euthanize Healthy 29-Year-Old Woman Because She is Mentally Disabled

Man Caught Up In A Raging Mudslide Tells How God Saved Him