Institutional betrayal darkens the doors of every Catholic Church

'Spotlight' lawyer says a N.J. archdiocese blamed victims to defend priest

Bishop McElroy: “No gay subculture in my diocese” (San Diego) spite of abundant evidence to the contrary

Catholic Charities appeals for $11 million as sex scandal roils Buffalo Diocese 

NCR documents a Marian apparition in 1980 which echoes Fatima

Baltimore Archdiocese moves ahead with reforms to address sexual abuse that were tabled at national conference

Jesuits identify 50 priests credibly accused of molesting children in the northeast. Full list at link..8 from Buffalo Diocese.

Ten 'predator priests' on Jesuit list served in New Jersey

Hospital replaces leadership after bad quality of care and finally a deadly blood transfusion mistake

Illinois man receives posthumous clemency in stabbing case (Convict never stabbed the victim)

Raped and impregnated by a Jesuit Catholic priest in the Buffalo Diocese nearly 60 years ago, one woman who sought to be a nun, too distraught to pursue that vocation,  is now sharing her story

Sodom and Gemorrah: Shock and outrage as 10 year-old drag star is pictured with a naked adult drag queen

The fall of D.C. luminary, Rev. C. John McCloskey was a shocker

An Ethiopian pastor attacked and killed by a crocodile while baptizing


Past Headlines

10 years after Hudson River landing of Flight 1549, 'Sully' describes 'how all the pieces which must come together' came together 'Miracle'

For ‘Miracle’ flight survivors, a decade of thankfulness

During college professor’s near-death experience, he saw portals leading to heaven and hell

Today, he stands unscathed and with no markings of that injury due  to the miraculous intercession of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and which might lead to Frassati’s canonization  

A third of US Catholics think priests are not honest or ethical

NY Gov. Cuomo- No budget unless abortion made legal for any reason until birth

The wall, politics and the Bible

‘Miracle of the Flowers’ Repeats for Six Centuries

Satan's attack on families: the horror of being Stalin's son 

‘Stalin’, a Russian word that means “ man of steel”, trained as priest and was doing well in his studies, suddenly left the seminary. A picture of how the devil presses souls to leave consecrated life. In this case incredible devastation for himself and others

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Disgraced U.S. ex-cardinal could be defrocked soon

Parish of teen who escaped abduction credits power of prayer (Everyone else called it a miracle)

In the mind of a kidnapper: fantasy, control, and complete obsession

McDonald's loses 'Big Mac' trademark lawsuit

Separated at birth, identical twin sisters become nuns and end up in the same convent!

Georg Ratzinger, 95, years old, talks about the health of  Benedict 

3 young kids die after getting trapped inside freezer

Homeless Man Surprised With Incredible Reward After Helping Kansas City Chiefs Player

4 Remarkable miracles of St. Mungo, founder of Glasgow

Israeli Technology Used to Counter Growing Aerial Drone Threat

Report from Inside: “They are making us leave God and believe in them [the government].” - Persecution of Underground Catholics Skyrockets

Trump Worked for Russia- NYT Article Further Exposes FBI Effort to Torpedo President

Did she lie? Ireland’s former female president claims John Paul II refused to shake her hand   Take a look at this picturee

A study shows that President Trump's southern border security wall would save American taxpayers far more than it would cost ...even if it stops only 4% o illegal crossings