Satan's attack on families: the horror of being Stalin's son 

Doctors said no hope of recovery. So his family came to say their goodbyes at the hospital before  going to the funeral home for arrangements. It became the trip they would never make

Cardiologist Who Conquered Cancer Cherishes ‘Power of Prayer’

Man recovers diamond wedding ring lost 45 years ago ... from the most unlikely location

Cyclops cow born in India and is being worshiped as a god

Israeli Scientists Developed A Drug That Causes HIV Cells to Self-Destruct

Israel and several allied states have recently blocked an attempt by the Palestinian Authority to have its status in the United Nations upgraded from an observer state to a fully-recognized, voting member state of the international body

Prominent Opus Dei priest was sent to Chicago after sexual misconduct complaint

Man arrested after injuring 20 children in Beijing 'hammer' attack

Clemson coach gives Jesus the glory for win on national TV in championship game

Rare penny in boy's lunch money worth $1.7…

Man tried to claim $10M prize after stealing roommate's lottery ticket, police say

St. André Bessette cured over 10,000 people in his lifetime, according to estimates

If Pope Francis thought 2018 was an "annus horribilis," what's transpired in the first 6 days of 2019 portends that last year may very well have been nothing more than a "warm up" for the "real deal."  Take a look at the graphic

2018: The Year from Hell for the Catholic Church

Pope Francis vows to shed light on sex abuse at meeting next month

The city of Springfield, Ill,  has fired a utilities  employee whose name appeared on a list of Catholic priests credibly accused of child sex abuse


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‘Stalin’, a Russian word that means “ man of steel”, trained as priest and was doing well in his studies, suddenly left the seminary. A picture of how the devil presses souls to leave consecrated life. In this case incredible devastation for himself and others

Sister Dulce Maria a Healing Nun in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Catholic mom lays out what’s wrong with Pope’s letter to US bishops on abuse crisis

“But, what do we do when we have a Pope who, in his moral teaching, tends to pander to the sins and weaknesses of man, rather than to instill in them a deep abhorrence of it? We now have a Pope who tells those in “irregular” situations that God sometimes wishes them to remain in their sinful relationships, such as a second marriage without a previous annulment. He is a Pope who – as again in this new letter of his – speaks in a demeaning manner of “rigoristic” approaches, “issuing stern decrees,” and strongly rejects “false certainties,” “rigid formulations,” and the constricting idea of reducing catholicity to a “question of doctrine or law.” He warns us against “reductive ways of thinking” and a “climate of hatred and rejection. Instead, Pope Francis calls for a “change of mind-set,” for “dialogue,” and for a further reflection on “our handling of money and power.”  (A must read)

Plague of Blood Red Rivers Suddenly Appears in Multiple Locations

His doctors marveled at the miracle: skydiver saved by prayer after mid-air collision

The Devil in Harry Potter, yoga, and thousands of middle-aged, middle-class women

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Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary sanctioned by Catholic church The Slaves are being sanctioned by the church for their stance on the Catholic teaching that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church.

This is their website: LInk which is often critical of the pope. 

Yoga: Harmless Exercise or New Age Sex Cult?  Higher levels of the exercises require you to study the "power of the serpent"

More than 100 praying mantises brought in by Christmas tree invade woman's home

Hordes hoping for miracle throng  Philippine Black Nazarene Catholic procession

Activists urge Pope to sack some Polish bishops for not reporting sex abuse cases

‘Pastor’ Who Said He Hoped God Would ‘Finish the Job’ of Orlando Shooter Steps Down Over Prostitutes, Gambling, Drugs

Superior orders outspoken priest on sex-abuse scandal to ‘cease and desist’

The absence of God is the big issue in the world today

Liz Cheney fires back after Christian Bale thanked Satan for inspiring his performance in ‘Vice’

After Calif. wildfire, 'God just keeps' providing

New guidance from the British Medical Association (BMA) advises searching the old online content of patients on life-support, to see if they want to die...called "euthanasia by stealth"

Wound botulism outbreak associated with black tar heroin use in San Diego If patient survives they are in the hospital for weeks  because it takes that long for the toxin to detach from the nerves "descending paralysis" means the paralysis starts at the head and moves down.

A professional dispute between a  principal and a substitute teacher led to an arrest after the teacher  spread human feces on the tables and grills of a local park where the principal was hosting a birthday party