Remarkable stories of little miracles, prayers, and remarkable angelic encounters

Vaccines and autism: three red flags

Over 100 Christians March to Protest Red 'Lucifer' Statue in Greece

A new generation of L.A. Satanists finds community in blasphemous times “In these times a lot of people want to not feel helpless. And Lucifer was the original rebel angel.”

Baby’s body snatched from coffin in suspected Satanic act

Falling Out of Love Does Not Justify Divorce

Severe flu brings medicine shortages, packed ERs and a rising death toll in California

Indiana flu deaths nearly triple in one week

When pastors tell Catholics living in sin that they are not really guilty of mortal sin as long as they decide that they cannot “feasibly” observe God’s law, the shepherds have seriously failed them.”   Link

Tthe “gay” agenda doesn’t end at “acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle”.  The next brass ring is the lowering of the age of consent.

Spain Suddenly Tilts Toward Israel, Strikes Down  Boycotts

‘Preparing For The Unthinkable’: CDC To Hold Briefing On How To Prepare The Public For a Nuclear Detonation In America

Did Jewish rabbi really see Messiah? Astonishing declarations from the most venerated ultra-orthodox rabbi in Israel impacts every one  

Woman eats raw oysters and gets deadly rash on legs.  Dies of flesh eating disease.  Vibrio vulnificus entered the gut via oysters, crossed the gut membranes  and caused disease elsewhere (on the legs), that's how pathogenic it is. Never eat raw shellfish.

Six Unbelievable, But True, Facts About Colonial Life

findling lost sheep

Past Headlines

Priest's hospital room mix-up allows dying woman to receive sacraments

Florida priest credits dramatic recovery to intercession of WWII martyr Blessed Titus Brandsma

The story of The Godmother, advisor to Pope Pius XII

Expert discuss discernment of unusual dreams as divine guidance

Eerie and ‘ominous’ sign appears as Pope Francis visits Vatican Nativity

A mom has a strong longing to take toddler to Disney World before the babies dies of inoperable brain cancer

The Christmas Miracle of 1914

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3 Lessons about joy from the “happiest woman ever”

In my first anti-euthanasia column, published in Newsweek in 1993, I warned that eventually medicalized killing/suicide would be conjoined with organ harvesting “as a plum to society.” Link

The Pope- “Bullying is the work of Satan. At times, there is much evil in children!” 

6 Ways to practice being kinder 

5 Biblical Prophecies Fulfilled in 2017 and 5 More Expected in 2018

Wisconsin girl in 'Slenderman' stabbing sentenced to 25 years in mental hospital. Court records using Ouija Board and demonic contact

Petition launched to stop release of Slender Man movie

Slender Man victim still physically scarred and fearful three years

Exorcisms Are On The Rise: Priests Point To Growing Fascination With The Occult

The Enduring Cautionary Relevance of Frankenstein The monster started with the break down a loving, Christian family adhering to natural law

Flu outbreak leads to handshake ban at mass

Are Catholic canonizations of saints infallible- Yes, they are

Studies Show Same-Sex Parenting Harms Children

James Martin, S.J: “The Catechism of the Catholic Church” directly contributes to the high level of teen LGBT  suicides