Sister Dulce Maria a Healing Nun in Baton Rouge Louisiana

ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) urges Ohio to revoke medical license of Muslim doctor who deliberately gave Jews the wrong medicine and bragged about it.

Cardinal’s cover-up trial puts French Catholic Church in glare of abuse scandal

Renowned Johns Hopkins psychiatrist says that transgendered men don’t become women, they become feminized men impersonators

Dozens of trannies regret what they did and their stories '

Are you up to the world's longest flight? New York to Singapore, a more than 9,500-mile trek connecting two of the world's financial capitals in a mere 19 or so hours. Be sure to take an Airbus 350. On any other airship you will have to refuel  Link

Mass Exodus: More People Left New Jersey Than Any Other State In 2018

Was There a Star of Bethlehem? An Astronomer Presents the Evidence

Woman in vegetative state 10 years gives birth to healthy baby (she was raped in the nursing home)  She probably felt labor pains

The high tech firm whose staff are all autistic

Nolte: Tyrannical Democrats Introduce Bill to Kill Electoral College

Scientists hack plant photosynthesis to boost crop yields by 40%

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Catholic mom lays out what’s wrong with Pope’s letter to US bishops on abuse crisis

“But, what do we do when we have a Pope who, in his moral teaching, tends to pander to the sins and weaknesses of man, rather than to instill in them a deep abhorrence of it? We now have a Pope who tells those in “irregular” situations that God sometimes wishes them to remain in their sinful relationships, such as a second marriage without a previous annulment. He is a Pope who – as again in this new letter of his – speaks in a demeaning manner of “rigoristic” approaches, “issuing stern decrees,” and strongly rejects “false certainties,” “rigid formulations,” and the constricting idea of reducing catholicity to a “question of doctrine or law.” He warns us against “reductive ways of thinking” and a “climate of hatred and rejection. Instead, Pope Francis calls for a “change of mind-set,” for “dialogue,” and for a further reflection on “our handling of money and power.”  (A must read)

Plague of Blood Red Rivers Suddenly Appears in Multiple Locations

His doctors marveled at the miracle: skydiver saved by prayer after mid-air collision

The Devil in Harry Potter, yoga, and thousands of middle-aged, middle-class women

Eight New Year's "Resolutions" from Padre Pio

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Coin honors Nikki Haley's work at U.N. - WND The Sanhedrin in Israel is creating a special commemorative coin to honor U.S Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley for her “strength of character” and her battles “against an ongoing agenda that endangers the entire world.” Link

Creepy! Irish health minister to introduce legislation making organ donation automatic without permission

Miracle man who was declared 'brain-dead' wakes up after his family turned off life support - and he's now home and thriving

UK- Illegal Migrant Caught Roving Street with Axe and Meat Cleaver

Tourists robbed at gunpoint at foot of Brazil's Christ the Redeemer statue

Was This Noted Time Magazine Writer Possessed by Satan?

Discernment: Mental Illness or Diabolical Attack?

Frightening Report- Orange County, Florida, America’s Tourist Capitol, Has Highest Level of Sex Offenders

New  candidate for sainthood
Was this Michigan grandfather on a mission from God?

Houle said he would feel intense pain, at times feeling as if he were being torn apart. During this time God would show him who and what he was suffering for, like civil wars, abortion, homelessness, murders, and abused women and children