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Woman eats raw oysters and gets deadly rash on legs.  Dies of flesh eating disease.  Vibrio vulnificus entered the gut via oysters, crossed the gut membranes  and caused disease elsewhere (on the legs), that's how pathogenic it is. Never eat raw shellfish.

Trump Administration and Jeff Sessions end state's right to recreational pot

Dr. Deisher, vaccines and autism: three red flags

In spring 2014 it was conclusively shown, (article in the New England Journal of Medicine), by researchers at  UCSD and University of Washington, that autism is  a developmental disorder situated in the frontal and temporal cortex of the developing child.   Prenatal autistic kids do not complete the right layering of the neural tissues in these areas  and thus do not develop the right “circuitry” later.  This can be minor or profound. Vaccines have nothing to do with it because kids are born with it.  They do not get it afterward.    Here is a link from the local newspaper. Autism begins in pregnancy, not after the child is born

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Vaccines and their ingredients cannot and do not call autism or learning disorders as has been shown in multiple rigorous scientific studies in the U.S. and Europe for over 50 years. Avoiding vaccines because of this perception is dangerous.  Those who promote this belief system are not physicians but medical dilettantes, misinformed  persons who refuse or are unqualified to examine the scientific facts. Medical doctors who claim a link between ASD (autism spectrum disorders) and vaccines can be disciplined by their local medical societies, national organization, loose hospital privileges, and/or be disciplined by their state medical boards. Further, HCW (health care workers) who refuse influenza vaccination can and must be removed from patient contact because flu is a killer and those seeking care are likely more vulnerable. 

 Link 1  Link 2  Many other links from multiple sources are available from Google and show NO correlation between ASD and vaccines in  the medical literature, not the pop literature wanting to sell magazines.

Killer diseases do not need to be constructed the the lab, they are already here and available to the misinformed who refuse vaccination. Judy Gassett, MPH

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