Plague of Blood Red Rivers Suddenly Appears in Multiple Locations

French cardinal faces child rape for cover-up trial with 5 others
The head of the Vatican’s powerful Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Spanish Archbishop Luis Francisco Ladaria Ferrer, has ALSO been accused of complicity in the alleged cover-up in Lyon

Central Nebraska priest, 62, charged with sexual assault after meeting with woman in rectory

US issues fresh travel warning to China after Chinese detentions

Biggest Jailer of Journalists is Communist China

Scientists hack plant photosynthesis to boost crop yields by 40%

6 priests accused of molesting  kids served in San Luis Obispo  County identified

German cardinal angers Twitter by blaming homosexuality for sexual abuse in Catholic Church

Lawyers say they will release names of Catholic clergy in hundreds of Illinois cases

Hospitals are now required to list prices for procedures online, but there's a catch

Why posting hospital prices online may not help patients

Patients are turning to GoFundMe to afford care in U.S.

Vatican confirms that an Argentine bishop, who resigned suddenly in 2017 for stated health reasons and then landed a top administrative job at the Holy See, is under preliminary investigation after priests accused him of sexual abuse and other misconduct.

Bacteria found in ancient Irish soil halts growth of superbugs -- new hope for tackling antibiotic resistance

  Super moon in SF

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His doctors marveled at the miracle: skydiver saved by prayer after mid-air collision

The Devil in Harry Potter, yoga, and thousands of middle-aged, middle-class women

Eight New Year's "Resolutions" from Padre Pio

“The Reformation five hundred years ago was fought principally over doctrine. The division we see today is being fought over morals”.  Link

Six Ways to Teach and Practice Gratitude

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Vatican investigation into McCarrick a sham

Are Francis' actions in China heretical like the situational morality of Amoris Laetitia?

A look at high-profile defections from North Korea

New Dem congresswoman literally wipes Israel off her office map  ( in addition to calling the president the obscenity)

Frightening Report- Orange County, Florida, America’s Tourist Capitol, Has Highest Level of Sex Offenders

Scientists Have Invented a Graphene-Based Sieve That Turns Seawater Into Drinking Water

Holocaust survivors live an average seven years longer than other Jewish people because they had to be tough to survive

Miracle man who was declared 'brain-dead' wakes up after his family turned off life support - and he's now home and thriving

Former NY Times editor rips Trump coverage as biased

11-year-old boy dies after aroma of fish cooking triggered apparent asthma attack

New  candidate for sainthood
Was this Michigan grandfather on a mission from God?

Houle said he would feel intense pain, at times feeling as if he were being torn apart. During this time God would show him who and what he was suffering for, like civil wars, abortion, homelessness, murders, and abused women and children

Giant pelican mating pair fly home 5 months after Irish zoo escape

Letter to editor: It is the moral obligation of every priest to stand and demand this behavior and cover-up by his hierarchy end now

Buffalo bishop's mansion being sold to compensate abused