Expert discuss discernment of unusual dreams as divine guidance

Priest Asks “Alexa” Who Founded the Catholic Church? & Gets Amazing Response

Cardinal Burke: homosexuality is ‘abnormal,’ Church shouldn’t apologize for her teaching

Monsignor who stole $500,000 for gambling, concert tickets headed to federal prison

Chess grandmaster boycotts Riyadh because she would be require to wear a abaya ( black garment) and a full face veil), and be escorted everywhere by a male.  Last month the champion from Israel was refused a visa.

New coral sowing method could restore reef

Israel offers $3.5K  and a free plane ticket to illegal aliens OR jail after April. Balanced, merciful and reasonable.

Pope Francis: Opponents of Mass Migration Sow ‘Violence, Racial Discrimination and Xenophobia’   I guess I know what the Holy Father thinks of this website. Read Israeli policy above.

2017: "Year of the Homosexual" in the Catholic Church?

Fire breaks out at Bill and Hillary's Chappaqua estate

North Korea reopens cross-border hotline with South Korea

Former US nuncio joins statement calling Amoris Laetitia 'alien' to the Catholic faith

Jews and Coffee connection from Maxwell House to Starbucks

Actress Leaves Playboy Mansion for Jesus; Now Married to Top Christian Filmmakera

Madrid Church desecrated, Blessed Sacrament stolen. Second profanation in area this month

A teen who was declared brain-dead following a serious accident made a miraculous recovery after a devout family friend came to the hospital to pray for her healing.

Her exhausted, hopeless, desolate parents, who consented to turning off the machines, tried to dissuade the friend from praying at all  (above). With 'true grit' and courage, Taylor graduated with her high school class. Des Moines Register has the link)

thy sins are forgiven thee

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Eerie and ‘ominous’ sign appears as Pope Francis visits Vatican Nativity

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Christmas miracle strikes as man 'speaks to Jesus in afterlife'

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At least 3 dead as monster 'bomb cyclone' winter storm wallops Northeast 

‘Frozen America’: 92% of Country Below Freezing

COLD EMERGENCY- Catholics rush to respond as freezing temperatures increase risk to homeless

Life-threatening Tropical Cyclone “Ava” to hit Madagascar

Pensioner riddled with cancer stuns doctors - by halting disease in its tracks with wonder spice turmeric

Trump ditches Obama’s LGBT global agenda by replacing gay ambassador with family man: report

Geologists See 2018 As Year Of Monster Quakes

Nikki Haley Says Palestinians Could Lose US Aid if They Reject Negotiations With Israel

NASA-inspired “speed breeding” boosts wheat production threefold

10 Basic Facts about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

In his 2018 wish list, John Zmirak, Senior Editor of The Stream wants the pope to resign. Comment: John Z. and the rest of the pope's enemies need to get over it with a dose of prophecy. It is not going to happen. He is the validly elected last pope, Peter the Roman.   Can you imagine the turmoil in the College to elect another pope? That could cause a schism, itself.  Meanwhile, (for years?), if the Church survives, it would be governed by Francis' operatives until new pope elected.

A priest in Hong Kong canceled a planned ‘LGBT’ Christmas Midnight Mass at the last minute after the diocese’ auxiliary bishop reminded him that homosexual acts are “sinful” and “serious violations of chastity.”  

Type 2 diabetes drugs  may also dramatically improve Alzheimer memory deficits. Works great in Alzheimer mice models...No tests on humans yet

Insulin injections, goodbye: Wearable patch to control type-2 diabetes

Mother shares her VERY simple solution to stop her daughter crying for her pacifier during the night (and other parents swear by it too)