Eight New Year's "Resolutions" from Padre Pio

5 Christian films coming to theaters in 2019

Calif. pastor dies on snowboarding trip; church stunned by sudden death

The beauty of Heaven

"The secret not yet told": Women describe alleged abuse by nuns

India's hidden years of nuns abused by priests

US Catholic bishops to pray over clergy sexual abuse scandal

Man drowns when wheelchair falls into backyard swimming pool

Following difficult 2018, Pope preaches unity compared to diversity which he strongly embraced last week.

This wall cut off flood of 55,000 illegal aliens

Border authorities are referring 50 people a day for urgent medical care, including tuberculosis, flu and even pregnant women about to give birth, a top official said Monday, saying it’s unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.  Link

Christians, Stop Saying Jesus Is the Son of God. It Provokes Muslims

Two men try to steal woman's purse with guns drawn. Husband draws his weapon wounds them and forces them to flee 

The evil and  damage children suffer because of “progressive” values and policies. In 2018, the harm went beyond passive side effects.

Get Out Now- The Compelling Case Against Public Schools

Laws proposed in D.C. and Virginia cold require priests to report of abuse heard in confession


Past Headline

“The Reformation five hundred years ago was fought principally over doctrine. The division we see today is being fought over morals”.  Link

Six Ways to Teach and Practice Gratitude

Innocence and purity. Once lost, one of these two can never be restored

The Holy Family and Holiness in Ordinary Families

Fr. Persico seen as game changer in clergy abuse stance

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Chinese Admiral Wants To “Sink Two US Aircraft Carriers” Over South China Sea

Texas Man’s Bible Survives After Fire Destroys Home

Major schism in Christianity looms in the East

A real estate investor-turned priest has donated nearly $1 million to fund an endowed faculty position for theology at Colorado State University

China Set To make Historic Landing on ‘Dark Side’ of the Moon

Another Year of Torrential Media Bias

Expert warns of 100 MASSIVE volcanoes on cusp of eruption

Palestinian-American sentenced to life in prison with hard labor by PA for selling properties to Jews Israel and U.S. have protested. Victim is a U.S. citizen.

A Muslim doctor was fired from a Cleveland, Ohio clinic after it was discovered she bragged she would purposely giving all Jewish patients the wrong medication

Armed Texas man carrying a loaded firearm and extra ammunition arrested on way to church to fulfill 'prophecy'  Asked cafe waitresses where the nearest Baptist church was. Thank God, they notify the police

Catholic Church crisis doesn’t define all priests

35 priest murdered in 2018

Old habits of cover-up persist in places like Paterson, New Jersey.

The unfair, anti-Catholic conviction of Cardinal George Pell

5 facts about the cases against Cardinal Pell