Are Christians Confusing God's Mercy With His Approval?

Many gave their lives in order that we would be “one nation under God,” not above God. 

Despicable, heartbreaking picture greets us on July 4th ... A disgrace to loved ones who fought and died for American values. None of our beloved lost were homosexuals. My parents would turnover in their graves. Death threats to photographer made

Illegal who murdered SF woman deported 5 times before

Trump pounces on it

Greek newlyweds go BROKE on New York honeymoon as their bank cards are declined

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This Bill Would Stop Obama Administration From Punishing People Who Stand Up for Marriage

Oregon silences, fines couple who refused to bake cake for lesbians with $135,000 fine

He should have and could have released it... but anything for a headline

St. Ann, wonder worker of heaven  thx DR

Dead 45 minutes, police officer makes full recovery after doctors did this

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Franklin Graham: ''Rainbows remind all of us of God's judgment to come"
Rabbi Cahn quoting George Washington, "The smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation “that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself hath ordained.”

The Great Storm That Is Coming Upon Us
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We are obliged to RESIST! “Clear and emphatic opposition is a duty”
Please add ex-communication for Catholics to it

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 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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Leading Israeli rabbi says arrival of the Messiah imminent and then gives a date in the news for 2 years now (Note: The, next day, Tishri 1, is the day Rabbis say no one 'knows the day or hour' because it is not born until the new moon is sighted

What is the Prophetic Meaning of the Bethlehem Star?  The imminent return of Christ?

U.S. policy of spreading same-sex family values to find no global support

Chairman of Fordham’s theology department marries another man

How the Cross Led a Starving North Korean to America

North Korea officials defecting in fear of rising executions

The night I helped my mother escape North Korea

North Korean scientist defects to Finland with evidence of 'chemical warfare tests carried out on humans' 

Smell test may indicate if children have autism

John Lennon may have had a heads-up about his assassination from a fan into Ouija boards

Behind the shocking exorcism over the entire nation of Mexico to cast out demon of abortion.  Fr. Amorth confirmed the presence of demons and a man who could not be exorcised until nation was.  

Top ISIS Leader Killed by US Drone Strike in Syria  Could be a mercy of God since ISIS vowed to kill every Christian in Israel by the end of Ramadan

ISIS executes 160 children and women for refusing to fast during Ramadan, sorcery

UN To Cut Aid For Syrian Refugees to zero

Kidneys For Sale in Kurdish Camps- Iraq’s Displaced Selling Body Parts For Food

Norway bill would let kids change their sex at age 7

Drug to cure achrondroplasia (dwarfism) in the womb promising

Oregon Catholic priest put on leave amidprobe of church bathroom hidden camera

They Asked Her to Issue a Gay Marriage License, but She Did This Instead

Is This Baptist Minister Spewing Hate Toward Gays?

Some of the Reasons Greece Got Into Its Economic Crisis

With 93.6 million Americans out of work, millions of unemployed illegal migrants  on the take for handouts, medical care, America is not far behind

2 California news crews robbed on live TV while reporting on homicide

Signs: Did you know that the blood moon tetrads have never occurred during a Shemitah year until 2014-15?

There was a blood moon tetrad during the year of the Exodus

Jewish tradition teaches that just as the first redemption (Exodus) happened in Nissan, so too the future redemption of the world will also occur in the month of Nissan. First blood moon tetrad known occurred on April 10, 1579. B.C. Which was the first day of Nisan and the day of the Exodus.  It is also the most likely date for the Crucifixion.

The total solar eclipse, occurring in the middle of the current tetrad, occurs once ever 100,000 years and so essentially had never occurred before.  Why this even was so rare....  It occurred

Over the North Pole at sunrise after 6 months of darkness
  On the day of the Spring Equinox
  On the first day of Nissan
During a Shemitah year
During the years of  a blood moon tetrad

“Whereas every piece and parcel of land in the world is owned by someone or some country, the North Pole is an international site and is not owned by any nation. If God is going to teach a lesson to humanity, to the entire world, there is no more symbolic location than the North Pole.”

On the very day of the once in human history eclipse comes announcement of Lab engineered supergene which can spread throughout an organism and even an entire species

During the Shemitahs examined, the Jewish people have been involved in migrations from The Exodus to this year (from France). They have also been involved in skirmishes from surrounding nations during Shemitah years. In 1579 B.C. they had to take on the Ammonites and Amalekites. Last year it was the Hamas and the Palestinians.

Suffice it to say that 2016, Hebrew 5777, begins a "double Shemitah" or fifty year Jubilee, coming this September 13th.

Taken together, these are extremely uncommon as they are awesome signs that  the storm has arrived.