Are There Really Demons That Rule over Nations? 
Yes and "As described in places like Job 1-2, spiritual battles between demonic and angelic hosts affect earth and are occurring behind the scenes all the time."

'STAB IN THE BACK'- Outraged Putin warns Turkey it will suffer 'significant consequences' over shoot-down of jet

Security council unanimously calls on UN members to fight Isis

French police raid home of extremist Muslim preacher

Child abuse by Catholic priests that no longer shocks the world

The Underground Revival in the Middle East That Might Take Down Islam

Millions of spiders disbursing by stretching webs for nearly a half-mile in Memphis

8 y.o. girl dies in car she was driving; adult passenger injured. No seat belt

Lethal autism 'cure' feared to be spreading

University of Maine reveals massive 'indoor ocean' that can simulate waves over 100 feet tall and winds of more than 200 mph

Texas hospitals have unilateral and far-reaching authority to withdraw medical treatment not available in other states

Vatican Christmas stamps revealed

Italian police: Muslim refugees threw (throw) Christians overboard

Canada to Exclude Single Men from Syrian Refugee Welcome Plan

Obama vows U.S. borders open to refugees 'as long as I'm president'

Stationed in France during World War II, one soldier gets a Thanksgiving message that saves his life

5 Ways to Wage Spiritual Warfare against ISIS. This is a battle against evil—we know what to do

Slouching Towards a Genderless Society

Surgery Could Give Men Wombs of Their Own Within 5 Years

Advert featuring Lord’s Prayer banned from major UK cinema chains for fear of giving offense

In Kenyan town, Christians worship under police guard

Uganda: A Family of Priests That Found Calling Through Inspiration

Elderly couple stops suspected burglar who ignores their commands and holds him at gunpoint until police arrive



U.S. flag in the clouds

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Our car broke down when we were almost home.
Who would repair it on Thanksgiving?

Pope Benedict Was Right

Betrayal of desperate Christians and allies?

Obama blocks 75% of terror targets from bombing claims American pilots back from sorties

Hardly anyone in the media talks of biblical prophecy. One example of this is that the world will be full of violence – as in the days of Noah – in the time immediately preceding the return of Jesus to set up his kingdom of peace

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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An Exorcist Tells His Story- Fr. Gabriele Amorth on The Power of Satan

Purgatory shows that no man is an island

Suspect Arrested in New Orleans Med Student Shooting

Highway 431, Alabama, one of the most dangerous freeways in America. Read why

Geological Discovery Proving Source of Earth’s Water Amazingly Similar to Biblical Account of Creation

Russian Court Says Scientology Does Not Qualify As A Religious Organization

New Testament papyrus fragment on eBay

Emails show DOD analysts told to ‘cut it out’ on ISIS warnings

Watch blue  birds tap-dance while attracting a mate Watch adorable birds tap-dance while attracting a mate

Antarctica is gaining ice, so why is Earth still warming?  Ans: Antarctica is not warming as fast as Artica:

Star running back quits promising college career and big scholarship and heads to the Catholic priesthood

240 consecrated hosts stolen, desecrated at Spain art exhibit; placed on the ground to spell “pederasty” in Spanish

Chinese Government Raked in Billions in Fines From One-Child, Forced Abortion Policy

Two charged with murder of pastor's wife

An Ipswich man said “a vision” compelled him to turn his car around and rescue a naked, bruised 2-year-old girl

Great article on the the attributes of God as defined by Aquinas to prove that God is Truth and Unique, has no potential and yet is the essence of simplicity

Holocaust documents trove unearthed in walls of Budapest apartment

Oil companies brace for big wave of debt defaults

Cost of a Thanksgiving dinner at a record high at $50.11 for a 16 lb. turkey