More on Anti-Christ candidate, Alex Tsipras
There is nothing definitive to indicate that he is the Big Bad Bastard of iniquity
The Bible tells us to watch and give joy when we see these sign. And that we will do as Tsipras remains a candidate worth watching

Terraforming:  Volcano Producing New Japanese Island

Despite of many allegations of weeping statues in many countries, only one still approved by the Vatican council which is under Pope Benedict XVI, the Our Lady of Akita in Japan

Zimbabwe's Mugabe celebrates 91st birthday as head of state

Suicide rates for adults between the ages of 40 and 64 has risen sharply in recent years—and astronomically since 2007

Companies Pay Sharpton to Avoid Racism Charges

Jordan's King Abdullah: ISIS Fight is 'Third World War' Abdullah is a remote anti-Christ candidate. He was born the week of the famous Jeanne Dixon prophecy (1962) about a  evil world ruler born the week of Feb 5th, 1962, descended from ancient Egyptian royalty, who would transform the world. (Note: while several Dixon prophecies have been spectacular when they matured, several others have have been discredited).

He also recently cut a billion dollar water deal with Israel to pipe water from the Gulf of Aqaba to re-fill the Dead Sea and desalinize it for use by the two nations.  The superstructure for this will be housed  in Jordan.

One strike against this theory is that the Evil One must be a prince, not  a king. Also, Abdullah is of the wrong heritage as far as we know. He claims descent from Mohammed, himself and appears to have some humility, enough to be  impossible for the Evil One to accept.

Slaughter of major proportions feared after ISIS kidnaps 300 Christians

Abducted boys from South Sudan number in the hundreds

Franciscan friars in Manhattan accused of racist rants at St. Francis Friends of the Poor

Student Poisoned Teacher's Water

Canadian man who harassed, mutilated, then beheaded man and cannibalized him on bus in 2008 in the Winnipeg area granted unsupervised passes to Winnipeg.  This was no ordinary schizophrenic rage. This website opined that the man was likely possessed by an evil spirit (Windigo) at the time. The man is criminally insane at the very least (but on medication). The ruling is even more disturbing  with the doctors admitting that the man "has not had hallucinations in a year".

Yoga- Harmless Exercise or New Age Sex Cult?

Hindus angry after priest links yoga to Satan



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Oil Company Hit Man has Archbishop Cordileone In His Sights

In honor of March Madness a story about a Catholic who loved hoops but never made the team

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, German Stigmatic and Victim Soul (1774-1824)

Beyond the supernatural, the Divine Presence can reveal itself through seeming coincidences and interconnections that add up to a miracle such as  Ruth and Esther

 Estimate has Milky Way planets at billionss
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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Dozens of Birds Drop Dead in Tennessee, 'Never seen anything like this'

Unsaved Christians: Do We Understand the Threat of Sin in the Life of Christians?

We must stop confusing God's patience with His approval as Christian leaders continue to drift from Bible teachings

I imagine that Satan has been surprised a few times by God’s cleverness. The devil chose Hell rather than to humble himself. How ironic that God saved us through his own humility

Catholic priest battles 53 years with The New York Times over faith and morals

Boom- with seminarian numbers surging, one diocese launches a capital campaign to support them

Get a good grip on God's promises

Alabama Pastor’s Wife Working at Abortion Facility in Bible Belt

City fines pastor’s wife $150 for praying too loudly

3 children die from carbon monoxide leak in Ohio home

Ebola nurse to sue Texas hospital for negligence

Man with 666 tattoo kills man in church

Egyptian court rules Hamas a terrorist organization

Obama Told Israel He Would ‘Shoot Down IAF Planes’ That Attacked Iran

Before Netanyahu Speaks, Pro-Israel organization, AIPAC, Gives Thanks for An Aggressive Congress

Democratic Senator Feinstein slams 'arrogant' Netanyahu- 'He doesn't speak for me'  But practicing homosexuals appointed as envoys, administrators, and diplomats do speak for you, right Diane?

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer and given only three weeks to live, a beloved Marine had one last wish: to be buried in uniform, along with a Marine Corps flag

Dentist with documented practice problems finally kills patient having 20 teeth pulled