Man drafted into the German SS after a few months of seminary training. Nun prayed constantly for him and prophesized he would become a priest with no further seminary work and be ordained by the pope

His prayer to receive a ‘spirit guide’ brought torment, but God brought deliverance

Veterans Sites in California, Kentucky, Virginia Damaged

Russia stronger than West because it has more perfect weapon, prayer

How Ning Nong the elephant saved me from the tsunami (2004)

T.S. Bonnie heads towards Carolinas

Arizona Man Rescued After Being Trapped in Car for 3 Days

WWII veteran, 94, scammed out of $43G — forced to go back to work

‘Daniel delusion’ causes man to jump into lion’s den, trying to ‘provoke a miracle’

Supply List Based on What They Ran Out of in Venezuela

Venezuelan government mandates fingerprint biometrics for food

Doctors: Postpone or move Olympics due to Zika

WHO refuses to move Olympic Games despite Zika emergency

Remember This Hero Priest on Memorial Day

Study explains why robin eggs are blue Ans: Sun protection

Former UN Ambassador Bolton bashes Obama's 'apology tour'

The Japanese were trying to make an atomic bomb, too.  They just could not get fissionable material with the war going on

The government is releasing millions of parasitic wasps across 24 states

British Scientist Can Genetically Modify Human Embryos awaiting permission to do so

Indiana University Sues to Stop Pro-Life Law So It Can use Aborted Babies in Research


Shroud-Based Art of Juan Manuel Miņarro Lopez

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi | 2016

The Vision and Miracle of the Feast of Corpus Christi

The Sacrifice of the Mass Is More Than a Fellowship Meal  It is also covenantal meal to remind us of the new covenant

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Firefighters experience a group near death experience
(Previously not documented)

The last bag of rice

Pope Laying the Roots For a One World Religion?

St. Elizabeth Seton relic or chicken pox virus activating immune system in miraculous cure?

Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, intervenes to speak about the Third Secret of Fatima and reiterates that it was fully published;
Maybe the official body of the Third Secret given in 1917 has been published. But no mention of the additional related practically unknown, vision given to Fatima seer Lucia in 1944 at her cloistered convent in Portugal  (2 links)

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us.

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Get Ready For Those Who Self-Identify As Animals   or earthly objects ‘EcoSexual’ Performed As Professor Marries Students to the Ocean  (2 links)

Unemployed 35-year-old lives among mountain animals and creates prosthetics so he is just like them   thx FR

Israeli Catholic Wins ‘Miss Trans Israel’ Pageant

Sears May Sell off KENMORE AND CRAFTSMAN Brands - The Demise of Sears Continues

Today's shocking evil: Man vows to continue to stalk TV reporter when sentence expires

46 people, many children, injured in lightning strikes in France, Germany

Once dismissed, shark attacks may hit new record in 2016

Electrician finds dead snake in malfunctioning PlayStation 4

California lawmakers approve bill allowing HIV-positive organ transplants to HIV positive persons

Pastor at St. Rose in Miami Shores asked to resign amid ‘slanderous gossip’

Already facing prison for embezzlement Cincinnati priest sued by Archdiocese

Four devastating tornadoes hit Moore, Oklahoma, in 16 years. Was it geography or just bad luck?   or because OKLA.  it is a strident center of Satanism where many horrors continue: Statue to Satan, Timothy McVeigh, Black Mass, the Muslim who beheaded his co-worker on the job....

Satanists Plan to Celebrate 6/6/16 in L.A.

Exorcist says there's a demon that targets the family

Retired FDNY Captain to become Catholic priest

24 Hours: A Rare Look Into the Life of a Friar

Billy Graham's Daughter: God Keeping My Father Alive Might Have Something to Do With the 'Return of Jesus'