As Doctors Euthanize Patients and Harvest Their Organs, The Hippocratic Oath is Dead
Preference is for removal of organs from living anesthetized patients with "no chance"

St. Joseph Prayer: To "Render Possible for us the most Impossible Things"

Holy Priests Who Don’t Make Headlines: Father Arne Panula, for Example

Experts warn Category 6 hurricanes could soon become reality. The Weather Channel also predicted Category 6 storms in our future

Diver who helped with cave rescue sues Elon Musk

10 methods to loosen the hold of the sin of envy

Prof says men, women biologically different, college goes bonkers starting with an investigation

NY Archdiocese Shake-Up After AG Launches Criminal Probe

Business as usual at the Vatican

Parents of boy killed by alligator 'blessed' with birth of baby boy

How a Category 6 hurricane could soon become reality

Report links half of Dutch cardinals and bishops to abuse

Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows, Seven Promises and Fatima

Bald eagle lands on fire truck during Sept. 11 tribute

Pro-gay Santa Fe archbishop rips ‘conservative’ bishops for ‘attacks’ on pope

Wow, and double wow.  Spoken like the holy bishop that he is, one of the most Tradition-minded bishops in the Church today

Musician said to be cursed, ("bad luck"), after "messing with haunted objects". Readers, this is entirely possible...   Already 3 brushes with death.

Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory Invites Homosexualist Fr. James Martin to Speak

FBI Wants Victims to Come Forward After Disney Imposter Fleeces Church Out of $340K

DNA evidence now shows we all share genetics from one man and one woman. Science gets a little fuzzy after that about the timeline and location. But the DNA confirms our relationships with each other

Past Headlines

“Dear readers, in the midst of the horrors of these times for the Church, let us not lose sight of the kind of graces shared here today” An example of which was given Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio

The Catholic Church Is Breaking Apart. Here’s Why  This is a 20 minute but great, easy read, to summarize things. Any fixes depend upon one man, the pope

Our Lady of Akita, Japan, and Today’s Crisis

Amazing YouTube showing 2 angels taking the souls of a child to Heaven

New Vatican Nightmare: Release of Benedict's 300 homosexual page dossier

He wanted to be a priest.  Archbishop McCarrick used that to abuse him and then took his priesthood

Towns Mysteriously Saved from Hurricane Yolanda in 2013

Rosary Saves Man's Life on September 11

Cupich on scandal: ‘We have a bigger agenda than to be distracted by all of this’ Prevailing attitude of the perpetrators and enablers, minimizing evil and blind to corruption.

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A young woman is threatened on a deserted beach by a man she's only just met. With no one else around, how could she escape unharmed?

McCarrick played primary role in fostering promoting Vatican-Beijing relations

McCarrick’s Crimes Some of the Worst in Church History

McCarrick’s Crimes Are “Private Matters” According to Pope’s Advisor

Parents, survivors of priest sexual abuse sue 8 Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania

A Mysterious Sign from God Helped Her Deal with Addiction

Indian Bishop Franco, accused of serial rape of nuns,  writes to Pope Francis, offers to step aside

Nuns, priest told to keep away from protest venue of Bishop Franco ...but they protest anyway

New details on Border agent accused of killing 4

2 men drown trying to rescue swimmer whom police saved

Hope fades for miners buried amid typhoon devastation

Kavanaugh, accuser to testify in public Senate hearing

Kavanaugh Accuser Has No Evidence, No Proof and Her Supposed Eyewitness Says She’s “Absolutely Nuts”

Should Your Past Sins Disqualify You Today?

Vatican suspends priest in Spain over child sex abuse claims...35 years later

Stanford renames Fr. Serra sites on campus; drops name from its mailing address

U.K. Female Bishops Tell Church to Stop Referring to God as ‘He’

Former gay man- Christ’s cross has power to purge Church of homosexual corruption

Study Shows Massive Suicide Epidemic Among Trans-Identified Teens

House of Loreto- Altar Replaced by Table

Elk hunting guide mauled to death by grizzly bears  Bears euthanized

‘Serial killer’ arrested after four murders, suspect is Hispanic border patrol agent