Keeping the Shemitah Produces Supernatural Results
No tilling the soil, plowing or planting on the 7th year (Shemitah)

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Miracle on the Coquihalla

News Anchorman Announces He Has 6 Months to Live, Says He's in God's Hands

During Man's 30 Hours Adrift, a Porpoise Gave Him Purpose

US to Send 3,000 to Africa to Fight Ebola Virus

Ebola- 'In decades of humanitarian work, I've never seen such suffering'

The more a soul loves God, the more courageous it will be in undertaking any work, no matter how laborious, for love of Him

Roughly 30 percent of former NFL player may develop Alzheimer's, other brain conditions

Pope to focus on grandparents after newlyweds

Demons among us; not confined to Oklahoma City
Man out on bail murdered girl friend and cannibalized her 

Villagers worship ‘miracle’ calf in India born with third eye

Pope Francis may take a year or more to study the case of Medjugorje before he issues any verdict or other decision

Nearly 1,000 French Citizens Joining ISIS

Nigerian church collapses killing 44

Girls describe horrors of Boko Haram captivity

Could you give up your life for your faith?

Cruelty is Simply a Part of Islam, Says Expert

500 Feared Dead After Boat Rammed

Epidemic of medical identity theft

Data breach at Florida hospital releases patient info



Our mighty beasts are more nurturing and loving parents

Germany Dedicates Memorial to Disabled People Nazis Killed, But is Our Abortion Eugenics Much Different?

Abortionist- “It’s Great” That 98% of the Babies He Aborted Were Hispanic

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Black Mass this Saturday: 
Tulsa exorcist claims increasing 'demonic activity'  in Okla;
Most victims are not Catholics. When exorcist first started (at the request of the bishop), the demon knew he had not fully obtained his faculties for exorcism and laughed at him. Until the exorcist did so, it would not depart.

Another story about the Holy Name of Mary

A Church Still Standing

Holy Name of Mary and the  the amazing commemoration which the feast celebrates 
Another victory over Muslims

Spiritual Warfare?  The Broken priest
(Always pray for them)

Estimate has Milky Way planets at billions
 Yes, and of all the possible life forms out there, God chose our human life form for redemption and ETERNAL life in becoming one of us

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On the Seventh Year, Zev Rests: Story of an observant Jewish farmer

Air Force Grants Its First Religious Accommodation For Jewish Chaplain To Wear Beard

Many of Congo's Catholics fall prey to superstition, says leading bishop

A Visit to the Grotto Honoring Our Lady of Sorrows in Portland, Ore.

He was a very open-minded person, but he also had to reconcile with the fact that his academic training, his knowledge and his extensive experience were overturned by this miracle.

Rapist Will be Euthanized So He Doesn’t Have to Spend Life in Prison

Newly-Crowned Miss America Kira Kazantsev Worked at Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Thousands of Californians flee wildfires burning throughout the state

Satanists want to distribute materials in Florida schools

The question nobody is asking about the black mass in Oklahoma

U.S. Satanist squabbling over how to best honor, worship Satan

Mexican states hit by hurricane AND earthquake

Seismologists predict another Icelandic volcano is about to blow

Extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels, scientists say

In one state, more children homeschool than attend private schools- why that shouldn't shock you

Ahead of diocesan synod, Bridgeport bishop returns his residence to seminary

Pope Francis: World War III underway
"Humanity needs to weep and this is the time to weep"

93-Year-Old Former Auschwitz Guard Charged

School to fingerprint students to ‘monitor their diets’

Life in  California Without Water